Adobe CC – Should I stay or Should I go…

Adobe CC – Should I stay or Should I go…

On the 25th December my yearly subscription to the Photography Plan ends. Now here is the dilemma! As much as I love Lightroom and do the vast majority of my work in Lightroom, there are times when I need photoshop.

However since the latest update Photoshop V22.0, it appears my Graphics Card is no longer supported. So I can do one of two things:

  • Turn off the Graphics Processor in the Preferences or
  • Revert back to Photoshop 21.2.4 and not have any of the new features.

However I am not the only person who is complaining about this. And Adobe’s answer is simply upgrade your Graphics Card … and in my case buy a new laptop.

Some people have written that Adobe are looking for a fix to this problem, in the V22.0 and told to uncheck the graphics card box in Preferences.

Program error when opening .psd files
Error Message

However by unchecking the graphic cards box in Preferences you lose the following features.

Whilst others are told simply, that there card is not supported and they are not looking for a fix and need to revert to the version 21.2.4.

Now don’t get me wrong… I have no qualms paying for the Photoshop and Lightroom photography plans.. but what I do have qualms about is not being able to use all the features without having to go and spend a further ยฃ900+ on a new computer.

I’ve checked and I can’t even upgrade my graphics card on this laptop. So for me it is going to be very expensive for me to be able to use some of the features I use if I update to the latest version of Photoshop without reverting to an older version.

So why should I now pay for a product that a) I can’t use and b) that forces me buy a new computer I can’t afford?

For a company like Adobe to buy a new laptop it is chicken feed, but to us photographers on a limited budget, it is hell of a mountain and expense to climb. How do we know that if we buy a new laptop in six months time Adobe say that graphics card is not supported? They gave no-one any warning that the new version would see a lot of computer graphic cards become outdated. Not very good customer service is it?

I will use this month to reflect on my options and see if Adobe come up with a solution as I am not the only person complaining about this situation. As much as I love Lightroom, on principle I refuse to pay full price for something I can’t use. Meanwhile I will be downloading the Affinity Photo trial to see how I get on with that piece of software.

It seems I am not the only person ranting about this according to this thread on their Photoshop Community Forum.

One angry Adobe member…. signing out after a rant.

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31 responses to “Adobe CC – Should I stay or Should I go…”

  1. I understand your problem. But in order for Adobe to speed how PS and LR works they depend on customers having graphic cards that can be updated to handle it. If the motherboard on your old laptop can’t handle a new graphics card you are stuck. I used to build computers and know all about built in obsolescence in computers. You will be much happier with a new computer. How old is the laptop? How about buying and all-in-one for your graphics work? Bigger screen, light weight, and cheaper than a laptop?


    • My laptop is 5 years old. I suppose it is passed its sell-by date. I used to have an all-in-one but space is the problem, since I converted my spare bedroom to a bedroom/studio. So, there is no room for one up there. I have been trying out Affinity Photo but it has its limitations.

      To be honest… as far as today is going … I am edging to staying with Adobe… I don’t like change… and Lightroom offers you the ability to publish straight to WordPress, Twitter, Flickr etc.

      I will just moan and groan and save. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Sad truth everything has a finite life span for IT. Just yesterday we were cleaning out old laptops we no longer can use for image work.

    I have tried, DxO Photo Raw, On1, and the base version of Gimp. All Adobe wannabes. You might download Darkroom, an open source editor that does look pretty good based on the manuals.

    Good luck.

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    • I like On1, Luminar and Topaz plugins… but as you say Adobe has you tied when it comes to software. I created another account downloaded Bridge for photo management, but it is such a palaver to get into another program. I gave up. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I really sympathize. Similar problem happened to me a couple of years ago. In my case it was that I can’t use cloud based software (internet access issues) and couldn’t load my old licensed light room version onto a new at the time laptop. It took several experiments to find what worked for me. A lot of people really like Dark Table and there are many tutorials for it on YouTube. I prefer to use a combination of folder structure, RawTherapee and the GIMP. There are a bunch of options, but finding one that works for you can feel daunting.

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    • That is what I am finding… all have their limitations. I like simplicity. If I wanted to do something in Luminar I would go from Lightroom to Luminar…. if I wanted to use a multiple of different programs I used Photoshop. Everything seemed to work so effortlessly.

      I am practically at the point of staying with a grudge and then move on if they refuse to let us keep the old version of Photoshop. I know we can’t do Sky Replacement and the cool new features in Photoshop but I can get by with an older version.


    • I just tried today to see if you can use the apps… So I signed out…created another Adobe account installed Bridge and you can use Bridge but youcan’t use the apps like Photoshop and Lightroom.. Even Camera Raw didn’t work. …


  4. I can sympathise with you here.
    I was quite content running CS6 on my MacBook Pro until the Catalina Update. Having forked out many hundreds of pounds for the CD, I was so angry that it was rendered useless.
    I understand obsolescence in IT, but my MacBook was only 3 years old, so the issue was with Adobe. The least they could have done would have been to give me a yearโ€™s free subscription to Creative Cloud, knowing that they would have had me hooked for life! I would have surrendered my licence key willingly.
    I am now happily using Creative Cloud, but still niggled that I have a CD of CS6, which Adobe has made practically impossible to sell as there is a complicated process involved in transferring licence.

    More and more Iโ€™m using LUMINAR4, but rely on Photoshop for certain aspects.

    Really, they have us over a barrel!

    I hope you find a solution to your dilemma.

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    • The number of people complaining is phenomenal.. with many having to revert back to the previous release. As you say they have you over s barrel. I love that I can’t export to Twitter, Flickr, WordPress and Viewbug without having to keep saving images to my harddrive.

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