Paint Effect – Woodland Trees

Camera Settings Camera: Canon EOS 600DLens: EF-S55-250mm f4-5.6 IS IIF/Number: f/5.0ISO: 100 Focal Distance: 55mm Shutter Speed: 1/25 secSoftware: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic In Lightroom Original Image Lens Corrections PanelRemove Chromatic AberrationEnable Profile CorrectionsTransform PanelAuto SelectedBasic PanelProfile Adobe ColourTemp 5200Tint +4Dehaze +16Vibrance +5Saturation -4HSL PanelHueOrange +37Yellow -49Green +9Details PanelSharpeningAmount 98Radius 10Detail 25Masking 100Noise ReductionLuminance … Continue reading Paint Effect – Woodland Trees

Adobe CC – Should I stay or Should I go…

On the 25th December my yearly subscription to the Photography Plan ends. Now here is the dilemma! As much as I love Lightroom and do the vast majority of my work in Lightroom, there are times when I need photoshop. However since the latest update Photoshop V22.0, it appears my Graphics Card is no longer … Continue reading Adobe CC – Should I stay or Should I go…

Going forward…

Back in July 2018, I set myself a challenge, to make a post every day for a year well, that one year turned into two... so in July I decided to take a well-earned break. Blogging got me through the lockdown.. but I found I was spending more hours on a computer than I really … Continue reading Going forward…

Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)

Surfing at Joss Bay Vivid Dreamy How to Swirl Open image in Photoshop.Duplicate layer Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac)Convert duplicated layer to Smart Layer, by right clicking on layer and selecting Convert to Smart Layer.Add Mezzotint Filter - Pixelate - Medium StrokesAdd radial Filter - Blur - Radial Blur - Amount 76, Blur Method Zoom, … Continue reading Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)

One Word Sunday – Division

Originally this image was one of blossom photographed at Bateman In Lightroom, I added a grad filter to desaturate one half of the image and played around with the temperature sliders. Then I took the image to Photoshop. Where I performed the following steps. Duplicated Layer Added a Texture - Multiple Blend mode Added an … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Division

Staying Put…

Yep... I'm staying put. I've read a lot of articles recently where people are not happy with Adobe's Creative Cloud. The price, the way Adobe ties you in...  How you can't cancel your monthly subscription as and when you need to without you having to pay 50% of the remaining months of your contact. But … Continue reading Staying Put…

Adding Texture

Whilst shooting my latest still-life I decided to remove the crate and add a black backdrop. By using a black backdrop... in Photoshop via the Magic Wand tool I was able to add textures, whilst masking out the black section so that the main texture affected just the black background. I then added a hue … Continue reading Adding Texture

Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Lightroom Added Lens Correction and Remove Chromatic Abberation. Used the Transform Tool set to Auto and cropped the image. Sent to Photoshop. Photoshop Duplicated Layer On duplicate Layer added Motion Blur set to Angle -90 and Distance 166 Created Layer mask to remove some of the blur from the path. Added a Posterize Adjustment Layer … Continue reading Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract

One form of abstract I love to do is twirling. It is created by taking a photo image and giving it a swirling effect in Photoshop. How to Create a Twirl 1.) Open your image in Photoshop 2.) With your background layer selected > select Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint. Set your mode to “Medium … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract

Amazing Clouds by Matt Kloskowski

One photographer who I do follow is Matt Kloskowski on Youtube. Tonight I watched one of his videos about making clouds more amazing in Photoshop. And just like his other videos, I found it a great benefit. So I thought I would try it out on an image I did for Wordless Wednesday.  And … Continue reading Amazing Clouds by Matt Kloskowski

On the River at Cockermouth

There has been a lot of hype about the price increase for Adobe Software.  By luck, here in the UK, you can still get the Photography Package for £9.98.  How long that will last I really don't know!  But the worst part of the price increase. is that it has doubled.  I don't mind paying … Continue reading On the River at Cockermouth

Boats at Dungeness

On a cold winter's morn, we set out for Dungeness to photograph the boats that sit on the shore. I liked the above image but it was too cluttered for me  What with the black box, little dinghy and the wooden and jump by the little dark blue boat. Lightroom was not going to remove … Continue reading Boats at Dungeness

Just Playing Around with Photoshop and a Sidmouth Coastline Image

Way before we decided to take up photography, back in 2011, we visited Sidmouth on a windy day.  Anyway this image was taken of the waves crashing over the rocks. There is something about it I like.. so I decided today to give it an Impressionistic paint effect in Topaz Impressions 2. I like what … Continue reading Just Playing Around with Photoshop and a Sidmouth Coastline Image

Photoshop – Saving as a PSD

When working in Photoshop, and adding elements to an image and different layers adjustments, like texture and moon's/skies etc, when saving the image I always save it as a PSD.  I never flatten or merge the layers before saving. I know this method of saving your work creates large file sizes and eats up disc … Continue reading Photoshop – Saving as a PSD

Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Today I watched a great tutorial from Matt Kloskowski and as a novice Photoshop user, I've never really played around with Channel Masks.  Well, to be honest, I didn't have much of a clue until I watched this video and what you could do with them. So the image I used for this experiment … Continue reading Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Another twirling project

I've been asked how I twirl an image.. The instructions below are courtesy of Julie Powell, a fine art photographer whose work I truly admire. Please take some time to look at her work.. it is truly inspirational and beautiful. Instructions 1.) Open your image in Photoshop 2.) With your background layer selected > select … Continue reading Another twirling project

The pattern within a pattern

  I decided to twirl the above flowers in Photoshop.  And once I did the initial twirling, I created new stamped layers and then flipped them horizontally and vertically, until I got this twirl effect. It was only when I started sharpening the image detail in Lightroom did I notice the pattern within the pattern.