New Lens Cover Kit for Street Photography

As I said my confidence is lacking in Street Photography so I through I would start off with just my mobile phone… Anyway whilst scouring the internet the other night I came across a Samsung S7 Lens Cover Kit… costing £34.  In this kit you get a wide angled lens, a telephoto lens and a back-cover which enables you to screw the lenses into.

I had some birthday money left over so I made the purchase. And in less than 24 hours the kit was delivered to my door.  Talk about that for speed and efficiency from Samsung,  I didn’t order it until gone 5pm last night and I was playing with it by 11am.


I snapped these two photos with the telephoto lens.. and the garden picture one was shot through the kitchen window…



Both images not processed by any apps or filters, and you can see how well the Telephoto lens does.. The image below is the image I shot of the garden, without the telephoto lens on.


And I have even sussed out how to automatically import my images taken with my ordinary camera app into Lightroom Mobile.  Now who’s a clever girl 😀 😀 😀  All the above images are jpegs and have had no editing processes applied to them.

Of course, I had to process and edit the images in Lightroom and I do hope you like the finished images…

Beating up little sis
Stewie beating up his little sis, who was quite happy laying there asleep.
Photograph of garden taken with the telephoto lens on my Samsung S7

So far I am rather impressed with my new purchase… and I look forward to my street photography now with more confidence because I don’t have to get that up-close to people to get my shots.  Plus being light-weight the lenses are easy to carry.  And at the moment that is a Godsend, especially as my hands are hurting more with arthritis and holding a heavy DSLR camera is getting rather tricky at times, especially with this PMR disease affecting my neck, arms, and shoulder muscles.  I don’t think it will be long before a point and shoot camera is added to my Christmas list to make my life easier, which of course will be a shame.  Because I do like my Canon EOS 70D, I just don’t like the weight of it with an 18-135mm or 55-250mm lens on it.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

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