Fan of…#100 – Resilience

A photograph of Rochester High Street Camera: Samsung A51 PhoneLens: n/aF/Number: f/2.0ISO: 32 Focal Distance: 4.60mmShutter Speed: 1/800 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC On Saturday we took a stroll down Rochester High Street, I am a fan of someone's resilience to overcome tough times and hurdles put in front of us. I was in awe at … Continue reading Fan of…#100 – Resilience

One Word Sunday – Vertiginous

A photograph of the Shard photographed from the Cannon Street Train. Camera: Samsung S9 edgeLens: n/aF/Number: f/1.5ISO: 160 Focal Distance: 4.30mmShutter Speed: 1/4 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC When hubby was on the Cannon Street train one evening coming home from work, it stopped on the bridge over the River Thames and he managed to get … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Vertiginous

Street Photography… well almost.

I can't believe it was over a year ago that I wrote about having no confidence in Street Photography and my Next Step, and I still haven't progressed.  I started out with all good intentions, but to be honest, walking around the streets with a large DSLR or a Samsung S7 with a lens kit … Continue reading Street Photography… well almost.


I am in my seventh heaven here... I've found another photography challenge, thanks to Bushoy called Your Daily Word Prompt and the topic for yesterday was called Moonlit. The above photograph was taken after I drove home after doing the station run and the moonlight was glowing at the top of the road.

New Lens Cover Kit for Street Photography

As I said my confidence is lacking in Street Photography so I through I would start off with just my mobile phone... Anyway whilst scouring the internet the other night I came across a Samsung S7 Lens Cover Kit... costing £34.  In this kit you get a wide angled lens, a telephoto lens and a … Continue reading New Lens Cover Kit for Street Photography