8 thoughts on “Lightroom Plug-in for Metadata – Big Note

  1. I have downloaded BigNotes and Lightroom’s Plugin Manager shows it is enabled but I can’t find anywhere to enter data. Where is it hiding???

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  2. Thank you for that response, Bren. My Metadata screen does not show the same fields. I tried to capture a screen shot but am not able (retired senior citizen here).

    These are the fields from top down under the METADATA heading: Preset: none, Preserved File Name, Copy Name, Folder, Metadata Status, Title, Caption, Copyright, Copyright Status, Creator, Sublocation, Rating, Label, Capture Time, Capture Date, then photo & camera info.

    Any idea how to make the Bignote field discoverable?


    1. Next to the METADATA heading on the left should be a box…which could say default, IPTC, and it has an up and down arrow. Click on the arrows and it should give you the option to pick big note. If you can’t find it let me know and I will email you an image where it is.


  3. So sorry! I totally missed that when I looked at the screen shot. Thank you so much for your response! I’m ready to go now. Thanks, again.

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