Stacy Fischer – One Photo Focus – November

Photography by Helen Chen – processed by RyanPhotography

Doesn’t a month soon fly by… before I realised it, it was already the end of October and time to think about the November Monthly Photo Challenge set by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing.  When I first looked at this photo, which was submitted by Helen Chen I didn’t have a clue what to do… but once I turned the picture into black and white… my inspiration came… it was a haunting looking photo … and Halloween just entered my head.  And there is nothing like ghosts to get your imagination to run riot.

In Photoshop I added a ghost like image of a woman standing in the doorway and then decided to add a ghost image of a woman sitting down. The ghost images I used were from Obsidian Dawn and they were created by brush strokes.


  1. Perfectly spooky and wonderfully done, Bren! Thanks for sharing the link to Obsidian Dawn. I’ve never used PS brushes before, but I’m going to check into this to see what I can learn 🙂


  2. This is just amazing Bren. I love it. Those ghosts really add a dimension that takes this image to another dimension!


  3. Your photo made my heart skipped a beat… I didn’t expect anything spooky like this. Then like after watching a good scary movie, I am strangely satisfied and “happy”. “Yes! It supposed to be looking like this!” I heard myself saying 😉
    Thank you!


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