Soft petals from Belmont House Gardens

Taken by Ashley Ryan

Sometimes you get a photograph and you have shot it either at the wrong angle or there is just something you don’t like about it. The photograph from above came from this photograph straight out of the camera, pictured on the left below.

But with a bit of cropping and a slight twist of the angles you can achieve something totally different. And not forgetting the tip of when cropping in Lightroom is this, if you hit the x key it will change your crop from either landscape to portrait (as in the above photograph) or from portrait to landscape. To revert to the original just hit the x key again.

Once I achieved the crop I liked then it was a decision as to whether to leave the photograph in colour or to create a black and white version… And as I wanted to create a softer looking image I decided to go for a black and white version as I felt the petals did look a bit softer once I reduced the clarity of the photograph slightly.

Then it was a decision as to whether to leave it black and white or try to do something different… I opted for using split toning…. something I rarely do, which I should do more often…

As you can see from the screenshot on the right, I opted for a darker shade of blue for the highlights and a yellow/gold colour for the shadows… Once I selected my colours I played around with the saturation and the balance sliders until I achieved the colours I wanted. I do hope you like the photograph as much as I do … and I am really loving this experimenting with photography I am doing lately.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

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