Floral Friday – FF#85 – Lily

Whilst strolling around Wakehurst Place in West Sussex, back in 2015, we came across a beautiful lily. The Himalayan lily. What inspired me about this particular lily was the deep, intensive colour of the centre of the lily which consists of a deep maroon.

A photograph of white roses photographed at Morden Hall Park in London.

This was framed by delicate, soft white petals and green, upright sepals along the edge of each petal giving a really unique, beautiful flower.

If you’re ever visiting Wakehurst Place, be sure to check out one of these stunning lilies!

Below is another shot of the same lily photographed from a different angle.

A photograph of a white Himalayan Lily photographed at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex.

For these photographs, I used my usual method of processing to bring in the softness. However, I created a radial gradient and instead of just using the clarity slider, I also played around with the haze slider to bring the colours out.

Below is a list of the entries for FF #84 Floral Friday Photography Challenge. Be sure to check the wonderful floral images for the challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy Friday!!!

Last Challenge Entries

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20 responses to “Floral Friday – FF#85 – Lily”

  1. These lilies are stunning. Love the centers.

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    1. Thank you very much xx

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  2. A beautiful virginal lily.

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    1. Thsnk you …. it really is beautiful, isn’t it?

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        1. I just couldn’t believe how tall it was either!


          1. Yup, they can get tall.

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    1. Thank you so much xx


  3. Here is my Floral Friday contribution 🙂

    A flower to cheer Cee

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  4. Beautiful flower and shot, Bren.
    Here is mine:

    Floral Friday – Persian Buttercup

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    1. Thank you Nora xx

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