Wakehurst – Main House

Wakehurst is a stunning country estate, located in the heart of Sussex, England. It is surrounded by acres of vibrant gardens and serene natural beauty, and is home to the magnificent Wakehurst main house.

The main house is a grade II listed building, constructed in the mid-1500s by the 1st Earl of Sussex. Today, it stands proudly as the centrepiece of Wakehurst, showcasing its rich and varied history.

A monochrome photograph of the main house at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex.

Inside the house you can find a range of luxurious, period rooms and furniture, from the great hall with its intricately carved woodwork to the intricate wallpapered salons, each with its own individual character. Behind the house, visitors can also explore the estate’s formal gardens, which feature a wide selection of plants and flowers.

The estate also offers a range of activities and attractions, including birdwatching and red squirrel spotting, hikes through the grounds, annual events and cultural and historical tours. Wakehurst is a great spot to visit for a family day out, offering something to suit everyone’s interests.

Wakehurst is open annually from the end of March to the end of October, and is maintained by the National Trust.

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12 responses to “Wakehurst – Main House”

  1. Wow, this home is stunning, Bren! I would love to visit. ❤️🇬🇧

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    1. It is a beautiful stately home and it was the home of Rudyard Kipling.

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      1. The architecture is very beautiful, they really knew how to build a home back then.

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        1. They sure did… now it’s stud walls and plasterboard 🤣🤣

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          1. It’s cheaper and weighs much less. 😂

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          2. Oh yes… and easily damaged xx

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  2. How fabulously beautiful.

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  3. What a neat place to visit, thank you for sharing. I love the architecture characteristics, so much charm and care they spent with each detail so many years ago, and fact it still stands.

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    1. Thank you… it is beautiful there xx


  4. Beautiful shot of a beautiful building 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sarah… it is a beautiful place and I would keep going back… but the car-parking is extortionate. xx

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