River Wye at Hereford

On our last day of our holiday this year in July, we decided to head to Hereford. Hereford city and cathedral are stunning. But what I love about Hereford is the river that runs right through out. Talking to the locals, they said they have never known the river to be so low.

A photograph of a bridge spanning the River Wye at Hereford, in Herefordshire.

Camera Settings

Camera: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: Canon EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
F/Number: f/6.3
ISO: 100
Focal Distance: 18 mm

Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec
Photograph Date: 23.06.2013
Location: River Wye at Hereford
Photographer: Ash
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic

“We are looking at a river that is dying,” 

Charles Watson, chairman and founder of the campaign group River Action

Less than a month after our holiday and visit to Hereford, it seems the heatwave caused the river to be just 2cm in places. Fish were dying due to lack of oxygen in the water. It was a real environmental crisis last summer.

Here’s hoping that the River Wye is in full recovery mode.

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10 responses to “River Wye at Hereford”

  1. That is so sad. A river in deaths throes is noy good at all. I hope all will be well when the next lot of rains come 🤞

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    1. Me too… I hope it recovers… because it is a beautiful river.

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      1. It will. We have had some real river tragedies here but after a few years and help of communities all is well

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        1. Oh that is good news… that heatwave we had sure did a lot of damage to the environment..

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  2. The Wye is a lovely river. I hope that those prophesies of its death are not realised,

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    1. Me too… it is a beautiful isn’t it. No matter whereabouts you visit it… it is beautifully landscaped.

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  3. That’s a problem we see in many places…. We were very happy when the rain came, but we still need much more !

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    1. This year’s heatwave caused so much damage to rivers and caused too many wildfires.

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  4. Let’s hope the autumn rains replenish ther river & its source 🤞 Looks beautiful with the lush trees alongside it 😃

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    1. It is such a lovely river… especially when it goes down to Ross-on-Wye.

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