Five at Five – Amy of The World is a Book

This week’s Five at Five Intro features Photographer is Amy of The World is a Book. Amy’s About Page says:

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine.

I picked part of the quote for my web blog title since I enjoy both traveling and books. Initially, I wanted to use blog to keep my travel journal and to share photos with my friends and colleagues. When I ran into a couple of blogs, I began blogging and reading posts regularly. It has been a wonderful learning and sharing experience.

Five at Five Questions

  •  When and how did you start on your photographic journey? 

Camera was a toy for when I was young. I didn’t take photography seriously until I started my WP blog in 2014. Back then, I had Canon EOS Rebel. Actually, one of my co-workers taught me DSLR. Soon, I bought a Canon 7D hoping to capture birds. From there, I took a few photo workshops and also took a couple of trips with a group of photographers. 

Blogosphere is a wonderful “place” to learn and advance skills. I was inspired by Cee from the beginning. Participating in weekly photo challenges, I’m able to use photos to connect with bloggers around the world and have fun. 

  • What subject do you like photographing the most? 

Before the pandemic, I really enjoyed landscape photography since my husband and I loved to travel. During the pandemic, I felt I was forced to find interesting subjects near home, I began to take photos of flowers, trees, and birds in our backyard. I also tried to learn some new techniques, “playing light” was one of them. Now, I’m more interested in discovering the beauty of nature including creatures, insects, etc. 

  • Have you been influenced by other photographers, if so by whom and why? If not, who is your favourite photographer? 

I can’t say I’m influenced by any particular photographers. I have read a few books about photography. I admire Branda Tharp’s and William Neill’s photography vision and skills. It will probably take me more than two-life time to get there. Nonetheless, they taught me what it took to be a photographer. 

  • What is the go-to camera equipment that you use regularly and what software do you use to process your images? 

I used my Canon mark 7D most of the time. I have various lenses, 50mm, 300 mm, 28-135 mm, wide lens, and a macro lens. When traveling, I carry my Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 II which has a fixed lens. My iPhone 11 provides the convenience of a quick click. 

I use Lightroom often, sometimes Photoshop. When I have time, I play with Topaz Studio. 

  • What is your favourite method of processing an image? (i.e., colour, monochrome, saturated, dreamy look etc) 

Mainly, basic processing methods, such as crop, highlight, contrasts, colour, clarity, etc. Hope to learn Photoshop a little bit more. I don’t do monochrome very often. 




Thank you, Amy, for participating in the Five at Five Introduction Series.

Next Week’s Intro is Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography


18 responses to “Five at Five – Amy of The World is a Book”

  1. So lovely to read more about Amy’s photography, which I adore!

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  2. 👌👌👌📷✍️🌈

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  3. I have been hanging with Amy for quite a while now. I am glad we have another Cee influencer I have enjoyed all the various photos Amy has posted. A great Five at Five Bren 🙂

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  4. Love Amy, and her photography.

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    1. So pleased you liked the article xx

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  5. Great interview with Amy. It’s been a pleasure over the years to watch her turn into quite a wonderful photographer. She inspires me a lot. 😀 😀

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    1. Me too xx…. You’ve both inspired me … Xx


  6. Another great interview. It’s fun to read these!!

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    1. So pleased you are enjoying them x

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  7. I’m honored, Bren. So glad you are hosting this special theme allow us to learn from one another. I’m late here, I just came back from a trip.
    Is it okay to make a link of your site?

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    1. Thank you Amy of course you can make a link.. thank you for taking part xx


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