Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2021-Week 31

Camera: Fuji Finepix S5700 Kit Camera
Lens: n/a
F/Number: f/3.5
ISO: 64

Focal Distance: 7.1 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/150 sec
Software: Adobe Lightroom CC, Topas Studio 2 and Photoshop
Photographer: Ashley Ryan

Posted as Part of XingfuMama’s Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2021-Week 31


14 responses to “Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2021-Week 31”

  1. The black and white reminds me of the set of a silent movie.

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    1. Yes it does… I just love how black and white changes the whole tone of an image.

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      1. Me too. I haven;t really worked in black & white in a while.

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  2. Beautiful, lyrical painting! Where did you find it? Who painted it? I like the black & white too!

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    1. It is an image we took about 10 years ago whilst on holiday and I processed it in Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Studio for the paint effect. Yes I like the black and white one too.

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      1. Wow! I am truly impressed. Good show!

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  3. The color version reminds me of Thomas Kinkade’s work. The black and white makes me wonder about the mystery of the scene. Very intriguing.

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    1. Thank you… each has their own character… I just love working in monochrome. In fact, I am finding myself converting some old images to black and white.

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      1. That sounds like a fine project for a rainy day. With the toggle it is easy to see which version enhances which aspects of the same initial image.

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        1. I am loving this image compare feature in WordPress… before I used to have to put them side by side in the Print Module and print it off… now it is so easy with this WordPress block.

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