Reading Glasses

Camera: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-6.6 IS STIM
F/Number: f/4.5
ISO: 100

Focal Distance: 42mm
Shutter Speed:
2.0 sec
Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

Original Image

In Photoshop

  • I sent the image from Lightroom to Photoshop where I added a texture layer, selected Hard Light Blending Mode and using a layer mask I masked out the area using the brush where I did not want the texture to be.
  • I then lowered the opacity of the mask to 91%
Photoshop Texure from Kerstin Frank on Flickr

In Lightroom

  • Lens Correction
    • Remove Chromatic Aberration
    • Enabled Profile Correction
  • Transform Panel
    • Rotate +2
    • Scale +127
    • X Offset +16
    • Y Offset +8
  • Cropped Image
    • Angle 3.91
  • Basic Panel
    • Temp +25
    • Tint +3
    • Exposure -0.80
    • Contrast +31
    • Highlights -100
    • Shadows +100
    • White +10
    • Blacks -20
    • Clarity +82
  • HSL Panel
    • Hue
      • Red -7
    • Saturation
      • Red -12
      • Orange -3
      • Blue +3
    • Luminance
      • Red -46
      • Orange -12
  • Effects Panel
    • Style Highlight Priority
    • Amount -24
    • Midpoint 42
    • Feather 50
  • Radial Filters
    • Yellow
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.97
    • Green
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.69
    • Cyan
      • Not Inverted
      • Exposure -0.89
      • Contrast 33
    • Magenta
      • Same as Green
    • Orange
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.97
      • Shadows 75
      • Clarity 47
    • Purple
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 1.52
Final Image

I am really enjoying doing these step by step images… and I do hope you are finding them easy to follow and useful… Until next time… have a great weekend everyone!

Written by

Bren Ryan is a female amateur photographer and blogger who along with her husband, Ashley, have created a photography blog called Brashley Photography which showcases the places they've visited on their photography journey. Bren and Ashley primarily concentrate their photographic skills on landscape, architecture and floral subjects. Based in the South East of England they hope to give their readers an insight into the wonderful and beautiful landscapes, buildings and places that the South of England has to offer. Bren also writes on her personal blog Sixty-Something Ramblings, about various topics and likes to participate in Writing Challenges.


  1. Nice work, but still I am convinced that you can start with making correct basic settings in your camera (in this picture… white balance). I am totally pro editing, but in my case its like more important to try using the most correct settings (sometimes manual), rather then shoot a pose/object/picture and thinking… its not important, I do everything in Lightroom. But, anyways: your end result is BRILLIANT! Poster/canvas style. Gr Stef

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… I really must delve into manual settings.. I agree with what you say.. but using the plain white backgrounds the white balance was a pain and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it white 🤣🤣. Hence the reason for the texture 🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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