Reading Glasses

Camera: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-6.6 IS STIM
F/Number: f/4.5
ISO: 100

Focal Distance: 42mm
Shutter Speed:
2.0 sec
Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

Original Image

In Photoshop

  • I sent the image from Lightroom to Photoshop where I added a texture layer, selected Hard Light Blending Mode and using a layer mask I masked out the area using the brush where I did not want the texture to be.
  • I then lowered the opacity of the mask to 91%
Photoshop Texure from Kerstin Frank on Flickr

In Lightroom

  • Lens Correction
    • Remove Chromatic Aberration
    • Enabled Profile Correction
  • Transform Panel
    • Rotate +2
    • Scale +127
    • X Offset +16
    • Y Offset +8
  • Cropped Image
    • Angle 3.91
  • Basic Panel
    • Temp +25
    • Tint +3
    • Exposure -0.80
    • Contrast +31
    • Highlights -100
    • Shadows +100
    • White +10
    • Blacks -20
    • Clarity +82
  • HSL Panel
    • Hue
      • Red -7
    • Saturation
      • Red -12
      • Orange -3
      • Blue +3
    • Luminance
      • Red -46
      • Orange -12
  • Effects Panel
    • Style Highlight Priority
    • Amount -24
    • Midpoint 42
    • Feather 50
  • Radial Filters
    • Yellow
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.97
    • Green
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.69
    • Cyan
      • Not Inverted
      • Exposure -0.89
      • Contrast 33
    • Magenta
      • Same as Green
    • Orange
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 0.97
      • Shadows 75
      • Clarity 47
    • Purple
      • Inverted
      • Exposure 1.52
Final Image

I am really enjoying doing these step by step images… and I do hope you are finding them easy to follow and useful… Until next time… have a great weekend everyone!


9 responses to “Reading Glasses”

  1. Nice work, but still I am convinced that you can start with making correct basic settings in your camera (in this picture… white balance). I am totally pro editing, but in my case its like more important to try using the most correct settings (sometimes manual), rather then shoot a pose/object/picture and thinking… its not important, I do everything in Lightroom. But, anyways: your end result is BRILLIANT! Poster/canvas style. Gr Stef

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    1. Thank you… I really must delve into manual settings.. I agree with what you say.. but using the plain white backgrounds the white balance was a pain and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it white 🤣🤣. Hence the reason for the texture 🤣🤣

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  2. That dark beige colour and red rose are perfect..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] day I walked you through the steps of a still life image I created with a Texture in a post called Reading Glasses. Today I am going to take that image one step further and change the colour of the […]

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