Out to Sea

Photographed at Boscastle in Cornwall

We had a holiday booked for Devon and Cornwall for the 4th July 2020, right up until the Thursday before we didn’t know if we were going or not. We didn’t know if our holiday was cancelled or not due to Covid.

Luckily on that Thursday we got the go ahead that our holiday was on track. During our stay in Devon one day we drove down to Boscastle and Tintagel.

However, due to my hip essentially not letting me walk far at all now, I took my Mother-in-Law’s wheelchair with me… and was wheeled around to the various places. However the harbour is as far as I got. Luckily, I sent him over the rocks to photograph the sea beyond Boscastle Harbour.


6 responses to “Out to Sea”

    1. Thank you xx… Unfortunately I couldn’t get to see it in real life… but I can just image how it looked.

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  1. Glad you got to go on your holiday. I love Boscastle 💚 xx

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    1. It is so beautiful there xx. I was so pleased we finally got to go. We did have a holiday booked with the grandchildren but that got cancelled. Xx


  2. What a beautiful place for a holiday.. Hope you get to walking again soon..

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    1. Thank you xx… I can’t wait to get my hip sorted so I can get shits like that xx

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