Floral Friday – FF 3

Scotney Castle

My image for this week’s Floral Friday is one I took back in 2012, of these beautiful, white, red and yellow flowers.  These flowers were photographed at Scotney Castle, Kent back in 2012 when we first started our photography journey.

Last Week’s Entries

Friday Florals by Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography – Paperkutzs
Floral Friday – Jan 17th – Blog of Hammad Rais

How to join the challenge

If you wish to participate in the weekly challenge, please feel free to do…  my weekly post will be published at 11am  Friday mornings.  The challenge will be called Floral Friday – FF #  (# representing the number).

  1. Every Friday post a gallery or picture of your favourite floral photographs.  It can be a singular image or a gallery.  It can be a new image or an image/images you’ve posted before.
  2. Use the tags on your posts FF or Floral Friday – that way I can find the tags easily in WordPress Reader, which means I won’t miss a submission.
  3. Create a pingback to the relevant week.
  4. If you can’t create pingback/trackback, don’t worry, post a comment below and I will comment on your blog.
  5. Follow Brashley Photography so you don’t miss out on our photography challenges.

17 responses to “Floral Friday – FF 3”

  1. […] This is Bren’s Floral Friday FF3 […]

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  2. I thought why not. Here’s my contribution Bren

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  3. Such an amazing floral beauty this is 🙂

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  4. […] Sharing with Cee Neuner’s FOTD – January 24, 2020 – Dahlia Macro and Brashley Photography’s Floral Friday – FF 3 […]

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  5. these are beautiful flowers

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  6. […] Brashley Photography Floral Friday […]

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  7. […] Hi all 😁 This gallery of vivid anthuriums is my entry for Brashley’s Floral Friday. […]


    1. Thank you xx. Love your entry such s beautiful colour . Xx


  8. That is exquisite.. 😉

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