Mr Pumblechook Lived Here

The front door of where Mr Pumblechook Lived Camera: Samsung A51 5gLens: n/aF/Number: f/2.0ISO: 40 Focal Distance: 4.60mmShutter Speed: 1/100 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC Uncle Pumblechook of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations is the stereotype of the shallow class-obsessed and envious man who is also a hypocrite and one who exploits others; he is comical in his pompous fatuity. In … Continue reading Mr Pumblechook Lived Here

Thursday Doors – 6th February 2010

A photograph of doors photographed at Morden Hall Park in London with climbing roses growing either side of the door.  By the looks of it, this isn't a singular door but two doors, as each door has it's own hinges.  However, with no door furniture on the outside, I would say it can only be … Continue reading Thursday Doors – 6th February 2010