Water Water Everywhite #94 – River Avon at Christchurch, Dorset

A photograph of the River Avon at Christchurch in Dorset. Camera: Canon EOS 600DLens: Canon EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STMF/Number: f/5.6ISO: 100 Focal Distance: 18 mmShutter Speed: 1/5 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Topaz Studio 2Photographer: Bren Ryan On the Bank Holiday weekend back in August we decided to get away for a few days... … Continue reading Water Water Everywhite #94 – River Avon at Christchurch, Dorset

Water Water Everywhere #68 – Sheffield Park Gardens

A photograph of one of the lakes at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex. Camera: Canon EOS 70DLens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS IIF/Number: f/5.6ISO: 100 Focal Distance: 18mmShutter Speed: 1/160 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC I really can't wait for this hip to be done and COVID to be over, well suppressed enough for place … Continue reading Water Water Everywhere #68 – Sheffield Park Gardens

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #47: Elements

The lens-artists challenge curated by Amy for this week is called Elements... and out of the five elements, fire, water, earth, metal and wood, the above image has 4 out of the five elements.  The metal of the window frames, water in the lake, the wood of the trees and the earth that provides the … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #47: Elements

On the Marina – Whitehaven

The first port of call on our holiday to Cumbria a couple of years ago was Whitehaven.  A quaint fishing village on the Cumbrian Coastline.  As we strolled around the marina these boats caught my eye.  I don't know why but they just did.  Hope you all had a good weekend and was busy happy … Continue reading On the Marina – Whitehaven

A Photo a Week Challenge – Water

Now, this may sound weird but I have a fear of water... but I love to see waterfalls, and rivers cascading over rocks.  The above photo was shot from a little bridge that spanned the River Coe near Glencoe Village.  Again the bridge acted as a stabiliser for my camera as I didn't have a … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge – Water

Elemental WordPress Photo Challenge

This week's subject for the WordPress Photo Challenge is called Elemental and WordPress asks you to explore the elements of earth, air, water and fire. For my elemental subject I decided to use water. Water can be rough and choppy or reflective and calm.  And within a bat of an eyelid elements like wind and … Continue reading Elemental WordPress Photo Challenge

One Photo Focus – October

As many of you know, Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing Blog runs a monthly one photo focus.  The idea is that, a photo is submitted for that month's challenge by another photographer and we do our edits to it. I loved the photo submitted by Michelle Lunato for the October challenge .... and I didn't want … Continue reading One Photo Focus – October