Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

One of my readers asked how I get depth into my images.  Well, a lot of it is done by dodging and burning.  And the tool I use is the radial filter. TiongHan Hi Bren, one day I hope you can explain to me how you get that incredible depth in your photos… Mine feel … Continue reading Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

Adding Artificial Light

We all can't get up at the crack of dawn or wait to photograph a subject when the light is perfect.  Like us, we have day trips out... as work commitments stop us from doing photography shoots as and when we choose.   So naturally, the light at times is never right. However, you can … Continue reading Adding Artificial Light

Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Lightroom Added Lens Correction and Remove Chromatic Abberation. Used the Transform Tool set to Auto and cropped the image. Sent to Photoshop. Photoshop Duplicated Layer On duplicate Layer added Motion Blur set to Angle -90 and Distance 166 Created Layer mask to remove some of the blur from the path. Added a Posterize Adjustment Layer … Continue reading Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Photoshop – Layer Blending Modes

One of the things that frightened the death out of me in Photoshop was blending modes... and how to use them... For ages I couldn't get to grips with what they did until I read this blog post called Photoshop Blend Modes Explained, which gives a very detailed look into blending modes... As you can … Continue reading Photoshop – Layer Blending Modes

Creating Export Presets using your Watermarks for the web.

Now you have created your watermarks using this tutorial it is time to create your Export Presets. Go to one of your photos in the Library module and right click, Select Export and Export (as highlighted in blue) This will then bring up the export box The first take in the Export Location box is to … Continue reading Creating Export Presets using your Watermarks for the web.

Watermarking Your Photographs in Lightroom

Lightroom Edits I thought I would create this tutorial, simply because a friend of mine had asked for advice on how to watermark and export their photographs in Lightroom and what I do when I export my photographs.  First of all I start in the Lightroom Library panel and the first thing I look at … Continue reading Watermarking Your Photographs in Lightroom

How I do my black edge

As many of you may have gathered, lately I have been doing a lot of photographs of flowers we have taken and added a black background to them.  Yes you could use Photoshop, create a black background and then mask out the flower... But what if you don't have Photoshop of Photoshop Elements and only … Continue reading How I do my black edge