Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return

Today, keeping social distancing.. I met up with my little grandson... oh boy have I missed the grandchildren.  Anyway, we met at Bluewater.  Now I've always thought Bluewater was just a shopping centre, but round by the House of Frazer is the Bluewater Nature Trail. And as I was sitting waiting on a bench, I … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hope

  Here is to spring and the start of magnolias blooming on the trees, and the hope that with spring a cure is found to this horrendous virus that is impacting so many lives.  And hoping that is lockdown soon ends. Posted as Part of Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge, Hope.  

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale

Oh, boy was this challenge tricky... and I had to get my mind thinking. So for my scale entry to Frank's challenge, I used beads and a peony flower. The beads are of a smaller scale to the peony flower. Both similar in shape but different in size. On another note, I've been busy... normally … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rough Seas

Well the OH was winded off of work today... and as the sun was shining, even though it was windy we took a drive down to Folkestone.   Those waves were crashing in.. mind you I did have to chuckle at the photographers that legged it when one came crashing in close to where they … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rough Seas

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trees

One of my favourite wooded areas local to us is Ashenbank Woods at Cobham.  Just a couple of miles from us.. and we have pure beauty, especially in bluebell season. Posted as part of Frank's Tuesday Photography Challenge - Trees.  

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Holidays

First of all, I hope you all had a great Xmas.. and my apologies for being a few days late on this challenge.  Well in a way it served its purpose being late.  I asked Santa for a Crystal Ball for Photography and here are a couple of my first shots. Posted as Part of … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Holidays

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Peace

  The above photograph was photographed at Scotney Castle in the bedroom of the late Elizabeth Hussey.  I can imagine the lady of the house, sitting at that desk looking out of the window and feeling so peaceful as she looked over the landscape of the Old Castle that lay at the bottom of the … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Peace

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Steep

The south coast of England especially Dorset and Sussex have such beauty.  Known as the Jurassic Coastline... believe me, you won't be disappointed when you visit.  There have been numerous rockfalls along this stretch of the coast.. so walking too near the edge is definitely a no-no as well as walking too close to the … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Steep

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Coast

During our vacation to the USA, on one of our coach trips, we drove through 17-Mile Drive and Pebble Beach. The Pacific coastline is spectacular. And a great place to photograph seascapes and wildlife. Posted as part of the Tuesday Photo Challenge - Coast.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone

A monochrome photograph of a set of arches at Bayham Old Abbey which is on the Kent and Sussex border. Bayham Old Abbey is an English Heritage property, located near Lamberhurst, Kent, England. Founded c. 1207 through a combination of the failing Premonstratensian monasteries of Otham and Brockley, Bayham functioned as an abbey until its … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone