As the fog lifts.

The above photograph was taken just as the leaves were leaving the trees.  It was a damp and dismal day and the fog was still lingering around.  You couldn't see much fog on the image, so I enhanced what fog there was using ON1 Raw 2020's weather filter.

Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement

Do you have images that have bland skies? Just like this one! It was a bright blue spring day when the above image was shot.  I just loved how tall this tree was.. but the backdrop of the sky just wasn't right.  So a trip to Luminar 4 and a touch of sky replacement and … Continue reading Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement

Photo for the Week – 21 – Trees

First of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week's challenge and congratulations on making the challenge a success.  I really enjoyed viewing your macro photographs.  And I am sure that, they have given other readers the inspiration to try macro photography. Now, this week is tree's and unfortunately, my time was limited this … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 21 – Trees

Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: #16 Big Can Be Beautiful Too!!

For Tina's challenge this week I thought of Big Ben now named as Queen Elizabeth Tower.  But to me and many others, it is still Big Ben. Big can come in many shapes and forms, and there is nothing like a big cat. Whilst in North Yorkshire, Fountains Abbey, was big.  With a little imagination, … Continue reading Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: #16 Big Can Be Beautiful Too!!

Your Daily Word Prompt – Deciduous

In the fields of horticulture and botany, the term deciduous means "falling off at maturity" and "tending to fall off", in reference to trees and shrubs that seasonally shed leaves, usually in the autumn; to the shedding of petals, after flowering; and to the shedding of ripe fruit. Wikipedia Entered into Your Daily Word Prompt … Continue reading Your Daily Word Prompt – Deciduous

Luminar 2018 Trial and what a Transformation

I have been really busy lately with real-life events, yet again!  And that means my photography has had to take a back burner seat, much to my disapproval, but hey-ho, we can't have it always.  Anyway today I decided to get my laptop out and boy what with Windows Updates and Software Updates it hasn't … Continue reading Luminar 2018 Trial and what a Transformation

Rochester Cathedral Catalpa Tree

    Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and living in Rochester, I can remember this tree... As we walked through the Vines in Rochester heading towards the Castle we would stop off and play around this wonderful.  The Catalpa Tree (American Indian Bean Tree) was planted outside Rochester Cathedral was planted over 150 … Continue reading Rochester Cathedral Catalpa Tree

WPC Magic

There is nothing more magical to see than a howling wolf under the moonlight.. Lately I have been doing a lot of composite images... and I decided to create two images... from the wolf and moonlight, with various processing techniques.  And I thought they would be ideal for this week's WordPress Photo Challenge: Magic. For … Continue reading WPC Magic