April photo a day challenge – Pastel Colours

Pastel Colours - Posted as Part of Maria's (CitySonnet) April Photo a Day Photography Challenge.  

Photo for the Week- 36 – Overlay

First of all many thanks to all those that participated in last month's challenge.  This week's challenge is Overlay.  One way of using overlays on an image is to add texture. For the following image, I used Topaz Texture Effects 2 but you can achieve the same in either Photoshop, Luminar 3, On1 Raw 2019.5, … Continue reading Photo for the Week- 36 – Overlay

Eltham Palace Moat

The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

  One of the places we love to visit is Eltham Palace Gardens in London.. which is owned and maintained by the English Heritage... The Palace is surrounded by a moat, with two of moat being water and the other two sides being formal gardens... To gain access to the Palace you have to cross … Continue reading The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

Rework of Great Comp Gardens and House

I have to say I am really enjoying myself with Topaz Impresssion and it is a wonderful plugin to add to my Topaz Collection.  Again I feel very humbled that Jodi Robbins of Topaz Labs asked me to do another tutorial for their blog... which you can read here and it is based on using … Continue reading Rework of Great Comp Gardens and House

Mixing Filters and Styles on your image

For me Lightroom is my first port of call when processing an image.  I like its simplicity, its versatility and for me the easiest post processing software to use. My main aim of using Photoshop is to remove elements that you can't remove in Lightroom. The above photograph was created by using Lightroom's HDR feature.  … Continue reading Mixing Filters and Styles on your image

Photographic Style and a Landscaped Garden

  When you think of a panoramic photograph you think of a landscape orientated photograph looking from left to right.. but sometimes you need to go the other way... and Lightroom will easily merge a panoramic going from top to bottom. The above photograph was taken at Great Comp Gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent and … Continue reading Photographic Style and a Landscaped Garden

The power of texture

It was cold, it was murky and the sky was absolutely dreadful.. it was dismal and there wasn't any clouds that gave drama to the sky... but even with the sky as dismal as it was.. I still liked the photo... so what do I do with it?  Of course, at a texture and use … Continue reading The power of texture

Bland sky… Use Topaz Texture Effects 2..

Then no worries.. just use a texture Do you have a photograph, with excellent fall colours, or stunning architecture but the sky lets you down?  Well no fear.. by using Topaz Texture Effects 2 you can give your sky the boost it needs... to take it from a bland boring sky.. to a sky with … Continue reading Bland sky… Use Topaz Texture Effects 2..

On The Loch

Just over a week ago, I received an email from Jodi Robbins of Topaz Labs, who had seen my Duck Pond photograph; and she asked if I would be prepared to write an article for the Topaz Labs.. First of all I was gobsmacked... I couldn't believe that I was being contacted by a renowned company … Continue reading On The Loch

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Rocks

First of all my sincere apologies to Cee for not taking part in her photo challenges lately, time has been of the essence and life got in the way.  Anyway, her challenge this week is about Rocks and I just had the perfect photograph for this. It is my rock hugger photograph.. it is one … Continue reading Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Rocks

Topaz Texture Effects – Preinstalled Presets

For day 7 of my 'test before you buy' of Topaz Texture Effects 2 I thought I would take an image of Leeds Castle, with Lightroom Basic Edits and distractions (people) removed in Photoshop and apply 5 preinstalled Presets of Topaz Texture Effects 2.  No further edits were carried out and none of the presets … Continue reading Topaz Texture Effects – Preinstalled Presets

Topaz Texture Effects Comparison – SOOC -vs – Lightroom Basic Adjustments

Well today is day 6 of my Topaz Texture Effects 'trial before buy' challenge.  So for this challenge I thought I would do a complete comparison of using Lightroom and Topaz Effects and just using Topaz Effects. This is the image I started out with... which was taken at Inveruglas on the edge of Loch … Continue reading Topaz Texture Effects Comparison – SOOC -vs – Lightroom Basic Adjustments

Duck Pond

I really can't believe how much I am liking this Topaz Texture Effects. The above photograph heading its way to the trash bin; I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the sky. I didn't like the texture of the photograph, so for experimentation purposes, I wanted to see if this photograph which was heading towards that recycle bin could be transformed using … Continue reading Duck Pond