Twirling Tuesday – Purple Iris

Thank you to everyone who joined in the previous challenge.. For this week, I thought I would do a Swirl and a Twirl of a Purple Iris. Original Image Photographed at Broadview Gardens in Kent Twirled Image Twirled Iris Swirled Image Swirled Iris

Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)

Surfing at Joss Bay Vivid Dreamy How to Swirl Open image in Photoshop.Duplicate layer Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac)Convert duplicated layer to Smart Layer, by right clicking on layer and selecting Convert to Smart Layer.Add Mezzotint Filter - Pixelate - Medium StrokesAdd radial Filter - Blur - Radial Blur - Amount 76, Blur Method Zoom, … Continue reading Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)