Flower of the Day – 28th October 2018

Another rose from Hall Place in Bexley, photographed yesterday and entered into Cee's Flower of the Day.

Street Photography… well almost.

I can't believe it was over a year ago that I wrote about having no confidence in Street Photography and my Next Step, and I still haven't progressed.  I started out with all good intentions, but to be honest, walking around the streets with a large DSLR or a Samsung S7 with a lens kit … Continue reading Street Photography… well almost.

Rochester Station… Night Light

Well, I can't praise the Huawei P20 Pro enough... last night whilst waiting at the station I decided to get out of the car and take a photograph of the station.  I know I've wanted to do street photography and the P20 Pro is perfect for it.  I didn't have to play around with any … Continue reading Rochester Station… Night Light

Photo for the Week – 7 – Music

First of all thanks goes to everyone that entered last week's challenge.. I really enjoyed viewing your interpretations of Country Roads... Well last week has been hectic... we went to Yorkshire for a few days... hence my not entering many of Cee's Flower of the Day challenges... but if I will, time permitting of course, … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 7 – Music

Photo for the Week – 6 – Country roads

Another image I found whilst culling my Lightroom Catalogue, was this image of the country roads taken at HIgh Halstow... I had previously worked on this image to create a golden toned image, which was less saturated It is good to rework an image.. firstly it gives you a chance to use other software and … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 6 – Country roads

Strolling around Rochester – Street Photography

Over the weekend at Rochester in Kent was the Medieval Merriment Festival which was held in the Castle Gardens, not far from the High Street in Rochester.   With Knights in armour, and period traders, this event gave me the perfect opportunity to practice my Street Photography. And because there were tourists there I didn't … Continue reading Strolling around Rochester – Street Photography

Next Step in Street Photography

Since I wrote my blog post yesterday about lacking confidence in doing Street Photography, the more I've thought about it and the more my passion for doing this type of photography has grown.  So what is my next step. How do I approach this methodically without scaring the living daylights out of myself and talking … Continue reading Next Step in Street Photography

No Confidence for Street Photography

A photography chum I have come to known since my journey into photography is Stacy P Fischer from Washington DC.  I got to know Stacy through her One Photo Focus Monthly Challenges and during the years I have seen her grow as a photographer and I love her work in Street Photography.  Her artistic talent … Continue reading No Confidence for Street Photography