Candlelit flowers and Easy Reading – Still Life

Still-life photography doesn't have to be coloured.  It can be monochrome.  One of the images from the image above's still-life shoot was originally posted in colour. And it was only the other day for a photography challenge, I converted the below image, originally posted in colour, to monochrome. And I liked the tones.  Lately, I … Continue reading Candlelit flowers and Easy Reading – Still Life

Still Life – Brown and Creams

Continuing on the colour theme of still-life today's colours are brown and cream, with the obligatory candle to give light. I love the texture of the sticks, string and wooden hearts.  When looking for props for your still-life visit your local charity shop.  They have a variety of bric-a-brac items at reasonable prices.  Those little … Continue reading Still Life – Brown and Creams