Whitstable Castle in Kent

A photograph of Whitstable Castle in Kent, processed in Lightroom with deep blue and gold split toning.

Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -18 – Landscape – Split-Toning

Firstly, my sincere apologies for PFTM (Photo for the Month) not being done this month, but due to internet problems, and computer problems, I wasn't able to start posting again until yesterday... and I've been playing catchup. So for this month's challenge MWM, I thought I would use a monochrome image and apply split-toning in … Continue reading Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -18 – Landscape – Split-Toning

Leeds Castle

As Leanne Cole is taking a break and there is no Monochrome Madness until possibly next month... I thought I would process and post this image as it was in my list of potential MM Photos.  Again this is an image I found during my culling (which by the way is still on going).  Only … Continue reading Leeds Castle


I was playing around today with an image I took at Merriments Gardens in East Sussex.  As soon as I saw the image I knew I wanted to create a monochrome image of this tulip... I loved the shine on the petals. Anyway after processing the image I thought about playing around with the Split … Continue reading Split-Toning

Soft petals from Belmont House Gardens

Sometimes you get a photograph and you have shot it either at the wrong angle or there is just something you don't like about it. The photograph from above came from this photograph straight out of the camera, pictured on the left below. But with a bit of cropping and a slight twist of the … Continue reading Soft petals from Belmont House Gardens

One Photo Focus – Hosted by Stacy Fischer

Just the other day I stumbled across a Photo Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing.  The challenge is to take a photograph submitted by another photographer and process it in your own style.  The original photograph (set of 3 autobracketed photos) was submitted by Benjamin Rowe of Aperture 64 and I wanted to … Continue reading One Photo Focus – Hosted by Stacy Fischer