Flower of the Day – 23rd May 2020

Photographed at Bluewater Nature Trail in Kent. Posted as Part of Cee's Flower of the Day Photography Challenge. Don't forget to check out Bren's Still Life Photography Blog

Twirling Tuesday – Red Rose

Welcome to another week of Twirling Tuesday.  A photography challenge where you take a photo of a subject and give it a twirled or abstract feel. Before Image Twirled Image Twirling Instructions How to Create a Twirl by Julie Powell 1.) Open your image in Photoshop 2.) With your background layer selected > select Filter … Continue reading Twirling Tuesday – Red Rose

Home Photography Challenge – 10th January 2020 – Still Life – Red

Still-life is all about using things around the home.  These star-shaped candles have sat on my bookcase for years.  Never been lit.  Along with the potpourri that is in a bowl on my table.  So for today's still-life, I combined these two elements to create the above image. Using things from my home also allows … Continue reading Home Photography Challenge – 10th January 2020 – Still Life – Red

Photo for the Week – 14 – Red

First of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week's challenge.  There was a great interest in the column challenge and I really loved viewing your images. So for this week, it is Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and in East Sussex, there is a place called Sheffield Park Gardens, which is owned … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 14 – Red