Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

One of my readers asked how I get depth into my images.  Well, a lot of it is done by dodging and burning.  And the tool I use is the radial filter. TiongHan Hi Bren, one day I hope you can explain to me how you get that incredible depth in your photos… Mine feel … Continue reading Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

Adding Artificial Light

We all can't get up at the crack of dawn or wait to photograph a subject when the light is perfect.  Like us, we have day trips out... as work commitments stop us from doing photography shoots as and when we choose.   So naturally, the light at times is never right. However, you can … Continue reading Adding Artificial Light

My favourite Lightroom tool….

Has to be the Radial Filter The radial filter wasn't introduced into Lightroom until Adobe released their Version 5 of Lightroom.  And how I am glad they did bring us this feature.  I use it regularly... in fact I think with every photo I do somewhere in that photo is an adjustment created by the … Continue reading My favourite Lightroom tool….