Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement

Do you have images that have bland skies? Just like this one! It was a bright blue spring day when the above image was shot.  I just loved how tall this tree was.. but the backdrop of the sky just wasn't right.  So a trip to Luminar 4 and a touch of sky replacement and … Continue reading Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement

Processing an image – My Way.

First and foremost I use Lightroom for as much of the editing as I can.  Very rarely do I go to Photoshop to process an image.. unless I want to create something that can't be achieved in Lightroom. So how do I process my image? Develop Module in Lightroom Lightroom now gives you the ability … Continue reading Processing an image – My Way.

Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

One of the things I love about Topaz Studio is the ability to combine presets.  By combining various presets together it gives you a vast variety of options when editing images. My original image of Penshurst Place was first of all given a couple of tweaks in Lightroom, mainly cropping, spot removal, and auto transforming … Continue reading Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

Oil Paint of Ashehank Woods

Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop

I have been a stark advocate of Lightroom Classic, and would use Lightroom Mobile now and again on my phone or tablet.  But when it came to processing a photograph in Lightroom CC on my desktop or laptop... well it never happened.  Since downloading the software to my desktop and laptop I don't think I've … Continue reading Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop

Topaz Texture Effects – Preinstalled Presets

For day 7 of my 'test before you buy' of Topaz Texture Effects 2 I thought I would take an image of Leeds Castle, with Lightroom Basic Edits and distractions (people) removed in Photoshop and apply 5 preinstalled Presets of Topaz Texture Effects 2.  No further edits were carried out and none of the presets … Continue reading Topaz Texture Effects – Preinstalled Presets

Sheffield Park Gardens

Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

You know how you want to intensify colours... and wish certain parts of an image were different layers...  well yes you can use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer or Levels and Curves... but I use the following method... Create a new layer Select Brush Tool Choose Colour Paint over areas with colour Set blending mode to … Continue reading Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

Woodland Walks

Over the Gate and into the Distance

    The above photograph is a HDR composite taken at Northward Hill Nature Reserve... it was only a brief stop and this was taken at an off beaten track near the actual farm.  As it was in a dark secluded place, and we didn't bother to use tripods we were lucky that the three … Continue reading Over the Gate and into the Distance

Surfer Girl

Tonight I thought I would try something completely different... I wanted to push the limits and process a photo in a totally different style to what I normally do. The first objective was to find a photo to use ... and I chose the above photograph which was taken back in September 2014 at Joss … Continue reading Surfer Girl

Creating Export Presets using your Watermarks for the web.

Now you have created your watermarks using this tutorial it is time to create your Export Presets. Go to one of your photos in the Library module and right click, Select Export and Export (as highlighted in blue) This will then bring up the export box The first take in the Export Location box is to … Continue reading Creating Export Presets using your Watermarks for the web.

How I do my black edge

As many of you may have gathered, lately I have been doing a lot of photographs of flowers we have taken and added a black background to them.  Yes you could use Photoshop, create a black background and then mask out the flower... But what if you don't have Photoshop of Photoshop Elements and only … Continue reading How I do my black edge