Snow Shorne Country Park

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Blizzard

Yesterday's Ragtag Daily Prompt was Blizzard.  It is very rare we get snow here in the South East.. and when we do.. it makes winter's barren landscapes beautiful.  This photograph was taken back in February 2012 when we had heavy snow overnight.


For my first image into todays Ragtag Daily Prompt called truck I thought I would start off with an image of a Ford Truck on Route 66 at Hackberry. Of course every truck has to have a truck-stop.  So again another image from Hackberry. Well they are the obvious things for truck.. but today I … Continue reading RDP Friday: TRUCK


Back in 2013, we had only just started our photography journey, when strong winds were going to lash the South Coast.  Now, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, having to brace yourself against the strong winds and take images.  Mind you I had to laugh, he decided to head for the beach and … Continue reading RDP THURSDAY – BRACE

Wednesday RDP – COMEBACK

Now the Ragtag Daily Prompt of Comeback was no problem to me.  When I visit these woods, they also seem to say 'Comeback' to me.  I just love walking around those woods, and as the woods are local to me and renowned for their bluebells, there is no hesitation in hearing their 'Comeback' call.