Still Life – Wash Jug and Candle

Well finally, I can get down to what I want to do with my Photography... Still Life.  They were all amazed at my Christmas list, items ranged from wooden crates and boxes to wicker baskets and sticks. My final item arrived today via Amazon, Peony flowers.  So it was now time to be creative.  Up … Continue reading Still Life – Wash Jug and Candle

Photo for the Week- 35 – Moody

First of all many thanks to all those that participated in last month's challenge.  This week's challenge is Moody.  I love moody photographs and one photographer I do follow is Julie Powell who is renowned for her Moody Still life photography.  She has given me the inspiration to start still life photography.  I have a light … Continue reading Photo for the Week- 35 – Moody