Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Today I watched a great tutorial from Matt Kloskowski and as a novice Photoshop user, I've never really played around with Channel Masks.  Well, to be honest, I didn't have much of a clue until I watched this video and what you could do with them. So the image I used for this experiment … Continue reading Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #42 – Creativity

The lens-artists challenge set by Anne-Christine is called creativity.  You can be creative in your photography and also creative when editing an image and the software you use.   As I do all my initial edits in Lightroom Classic, I thought I would take this image and process it further in Luminar 3 What I … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #42 – Creativity

Another twirling project

I've been asked how I twirl an image.. The instructions below are courtesy of Julie Powell, a fine art photographer whose work I truly admire. Please take some time to look at her work.. it is truly inspirational and beautiful. Instructions 1.) Open your image in Photoshop 2.) With your background layer selected > select … Continue reading Another twirling project

The pattern within a pattern

  I decided to twirl the above flowers in Photoshop.  And once I did the initial twirling, I created new stamped layers and then flipped them horizontally and vertically, until I got this twirl effect. It was only when I started sharpening the image detail in Lightroom did I notice the pattern within the pattern.

Processing an image – My Way.

First and foremost I use Lightroom for as much of the editing as I can.  Very rarely do I go to Photoshop to process an image.. unless I want to create something that can't be achieved in Lightroom. So how do I process my image? Develop Module in Lightroom Lightroom now gives you the ability … Continue reading Processing an image – My Way.

Soft Focus Floral – Preset – Free

As many of you may have gathered, I love Floral Photography.  And I have a particular style to my floral images... I create a soft looking image, with spots of light and clarity. I know some photographer's don't like to give their processing techniques away as they don't want people to copy their style, which … Continue reading Soft Focus Floral – Preset – Free

Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

One of the things I love about Topaz Studio is the ability to combine presets.  By combining various presets together it gives you a vast variety of options when editing images. My original image of Penshurst Place was first of all given a couple of tweaks in Lightroom, mainly cropping, spot removal, and auto transforming … Continue reading Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens

Way, way back before we officially took up photography we went on a holiday to Dorset.  And during our holiday we visited Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens.  As we strolled around the gardens we came across this little wooden structure. The above image is straight out of camera, and was shot in Jpeg format using a Fuji … Continue reading Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens

Moonlight Composite

One of the tasks that I've set myself to learn is composite work.  Yes, I add textures to images, but I've never in Photoshop taken two images and then used different elements from each image to create another. In this image (Image A), I like the driftwood in the foreground and texture of the sand. … Continue reading Moonlight Composite

Photo for the Week – 10 – Streets

First of all, thanks go to everyone that entered last week's challenge.. Way back in 2014, we visited Fordingbridge in Hampshire.. on quiet Sunday morning.. before the shops even opened. There was no traffic. No people and I loved the silence. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was beautiful.  So for this … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 10 – Streets

Flower of the day – 21st September 2018 – In the pink

For today's Flower of the day hosted by Cee and Becky's Square September - In this pink, I thought I would use this photograph of a pink rose with raindrops on its petals.  The image was photographed at Lullingstone Castle, Kent, in the World of Gardens. Have a great weekend everyone... and happy snapping!!!

The Lake at West Green

Another photo I found when culling, was this one from West Green Gardens in Hampshire.  A property and gardens which is owned and leased out by the National Trust.  On the day we visited, they were preparing for a special occasion.. hence the marquees.   The day to day running of West Green gardens is … Continue reading The Lake at West Green

Photo for the Week – 9 – Waterfalls

First of all, thanks go to everyone that entered last week's challenge.. In 2016 we decided to go to Scotland for our week's holiday.  And we stayed in Glencoe.  Just outside of the village as your drive along the main road.. you come to this beautiful waterfall.   As we didn't have tripods with us … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 9 – Waterfalls

Creating the Landscape Soft Glow Look – By Matt K

Today I was reading Matt Kloskowski's blog and one of the topics he covered in a video was Creating the Landscape Soft Glow Look. Using both Lightroom and ON1 Raw 2018, I created the above soft glow look image of a bridge over the River Nidd at Nidd Gorge in North Yorkshire.  

Flower of the day – 13th September 2018 – In the pink

For today's Flower of the Day hosted by Cee and Becky's Square - In the Pink I thought I would create a piece of artwork in photoshop. To the original photograph, I have added a paint effect and texture to some pink/red flowers, photographed at Sissinghurst Castle. Have a nice day everyone !!!  


A photo a week challenge – The fruits of your labour

We are both members of the National Trust, and we love to travel around and see the many stately homes, gardens and ruins the National Trust has to offer.   On our recent trip to North Yorkshire, we visited Fountains Abbey, photographed above. Anyway the challenge for this week's A photo a week, hosted by … Continue reading A photo a week challenge – The fruits of your labour

Flower of the day – 12th September 2018 – Pink Rose

This pink rose was photographed within the gardens of Bateman House in East Sussex.  And I thought it would be a great photo for Cee's Flower of the Day and Becky's Square September. Have a good day everyone!!!

Knaresborough Viaduct

During our visit to North Yorkshire, one of the places we visited was Nidd Gorge.  As we strolled around the wooded area, at the end of the walk was a bridge that crosses the River Nidd. From this bridge, you can see the Knaresborough Viaduct.  To say I was in awe of this beautiful viaduct … Continue reading Knaresborough Viaduct