Lightroom Tip – Using the Alt Key for Masking

Applying Masking When working in the Details Panel (Sharpening Section) to apply sharpness to an image I've created, to ensure it is only applied to certain parts of the image (the white areas above) I press the Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) whilst using the Masking Slider. By using the Alt key I can see … Continue reading Lightroom Tip – Using the Alt Key for Masking

Port Isaac

A photograph of the Coastline at Port Isaac in Cornwall I had a chance to upgrade my tablet over the weekend... so I opted for the Samsung Tab S7. I know I should have saved the gift card for a new PC, but as I am a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud I thought I … Continue reading Port Isaac

On the Water

Water Images by Brashley Photography Yesterday I spoke about free print templates for Lightroom Classic.. well one place you could visit is a blog run by Jill called Flourish Photo Blog. Jill also explains throughout her blog how to edit the templates.. as well has having other free stuff to download including Presets and Textures. … Continue reading On the Water

Aria Force Print Template

Aria Force in Cumbria I am really loving playing around in the Print Module of Lightroom. It is an ideal way of showcasing some images of a place you've visited. I used an A4 template with 3 cells. If you want to, you can download the print template by clicking on the link below. DOWNLOAD … Continue reading Aria Force Print Template

Changing Object Colour in Lightroom

A still life image of reading glasses on a purse accompanied by a rose. The other day I walked you through the steps of a still life image I created with a Texture in a post called Reading Glasses. Today I am going to take that image one step further and change the colour of … Continue reading Changing Object Colour in Lightroom

Staying Put…

Yep... I'm staying put. I've read a lot of articles recently where people are not happy with Adobe's Creative Cloud. The price, the way Adobe ties you in...  How you can't cancel your monthly subscription as and when you need to without you having to pay 50% of the remaining months of your contact. But … Continue reading Staying Put…

On the River at Cockermouth

There has been a lot of hype about the price increase for Adobe Software.  By luck, here in the UK, you can still get the Photography Package for £9.98.  How long that will last I really don't know!  But the worst part of the price increase. is that it has doubled.  I don't mind paying … Continue reading On the River at Cockermouth

Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge

One new feature of the new Lightroom Classic October update is the ability to merge HDR shots into a Panoramic.  Prior to this update to create a panoramic HDR you had to merge each of your HDR shots into one HDR image.. then you had to take each those merged shots to create your panoramic. … Continue reading Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge

Oil Paint of Ashehank Woods

Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop

I have been a stark advocate of Lightroom Classic, and would use Lightroom Mobile now and again on my phone or tablet.  But when it came to processing a photograph in Lightroom CC on my desktop or laptop... well it never happened.  Since downloading the software to my desktop and laptop I don't think I've … Continue reading Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop