Twirling Tuesday – Las Vegas

Welcome to another week of Twirling Tuesday.  A photography challenge where you take a photo of a subject and give it a twirled or abstract feel. Before Image First Twirled Image Twirled of the Twirled For this image, I twirled the twirled image again in Photoshop. Twirling Instructions How to Create a Twirl by Julie … Continue reading Twirling Tuesday – Las Vegas

One Word Sunday – Luck

If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time. ~ Phil Hellmuth And there is nothing like trying your luck at the tables in one of the many hotels along The Strip in Vegas.  The above photograph was taken from the Bellagio Hotel where there was a spectacular water display to music just about … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Luck


Debbie over at Travel with Intent, hosts a Sunday Photo Challenge.. and this week her topic was money.  Now all week I've been raking my brains as I don't do still life and haven't got any images with any money signs or slogans in them. The inspiration hit me.. whilst trawling through my Lightroom Catalogue.. … Continue reading Money

A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

For Nadia Merrill's a photo a week challenge called Music, I decided on a photo of one of my mum's favourites singers... Frank Sinatra.  This photograph was shot at Madame Tussauds when we visited Las Vegas back in May 2015. Just like my mum, I too love the voice of old blue eyes.

Bridge at the Venetian

The above was taken during our stay in Las Vegas in May last year. I can't believe a year has now gone by .. The Venetian Hotel is spectacular... especially inside with its replica of St Mark's Square. Even though you are inside a hotel... with the blue clouded ceiling that has slight movement to … Continue reading Bridge at the Venetian