Still Life – Monochrome

A photograph of 3 bottles, jug and flowers. Camera Settings Camera: Canon EOS 70DLens: EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-6.6 IS STIMF/Number: f/8.0ISO: 800 Focal Distance: 18mm Shutter Speed: 0.4 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC So far my experimenting with Lightroom CC and my Samsung Tab S7 is going great. Now I've created a workflow, things seem easier. What I … Continue reading Still Life – Monochrome

Still Life – Vintage flowers

A still life photographer I have learnt from is Julie Powell.  Julie is so creative and inspires you to be creative as well as giving you tips on how to further your still life photography journey.  Julie has a blog documenting her journey into still life photography.  And it was her roses post that inspired … Continue reading Still Life – Vintage flowers

Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework

Yesterday I posted a still-life image of bottles, jug and sticks.  This morning when I looked at my blog... I didn't like the edit as much as I did yesterday. Several things were wrong. The Background Items too far apart The colouring The position of the flowers So today was rework day.  I re-shot the … Continue reading Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework

Still Life – Brown and Creams

Continuing on the colour theme of still-life today's colours are brown and cream, with the obligatory candle to give light. I love the texture of the sticks, string and wooden hearts.  When looking for props for your still-life visit your local charity shop.  They have a variety of bric-a-brac items at reasonable prices.  Those little … Continue reading Still Life – Brown and Creams