Flower of the Day – 28th December 2019

A photograph of a pink rose photographed at Ightham Mote in Kent. Posted as Part of Cee's Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.

One Word Sunday – Home

A photograph of the Dove-Cote within the Courtyard of Ightham Mote.  As doves are no longer kept at the mote, the box has been remodelled with smaller holes to accommodate nesting places for small wild birds. Above is the Kennel made for the St. Bernard dog called Dido who used to live at Ightham Mote. … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Home

A Photo a Week Challenge: Stylish

One of the things hubby and I like to do is visit historical houses. We just love the style depicted in the rooms, from all eras. An interior photograph of one of the rooms at Sissinghurst Castle. The above images were photographed at Ightham Mote, and the style of each of the rooms. Posted as … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Stylish

Flower of the Day – 30th August 2019

For today's flower, I thought I would use an image I took way back when we first started on our photography journey.  These roses span the stone arch of one of the rooms at Ightham Mote in Kent and I thought they would be ideal for Cee's Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #35: Architecture

Amy's topic for the Lens-Artist Photography challenge is Architecture.  So I thought I would show you a gallery of architecture images photographed at the various locations we have travelled, including the South East of England, Yorkshire, California, Las Vegas and Cambridgeshire. Architecture is everywhere.. especially in old buildings, and we both love to capture historic … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #35: Architecture

26 Weeks Letter Challenge – Letter K

  Lori's challenge for the 26 Weeks Letter Challenge was a hard one.. this week.  I wanted to play along but was getting really stumped at what images I had with objects in that started with the letter 'K'.  I was just about to give up and skip this challenge... (I know that's the chicken's way out) … Continue reading 26 Weeks Letter Challenge – Letter K

Daffodil buds

As we ventured around Ightham Mote the other weekend... my usual lens (which I love) was making my camera feel so heavy that it was playing havoc with my arthritis so the only thing to do was to change to a much lighter lens.. so I opted for my nifty fifty lens.. and one of … Continue reading Daffodil buds