One Word Sunday – Triangles

Debbie's word this week for the One Word Sunday Photography challenge is Triangles.   Triangular shapes are everywhere, especially in architecture.  You can see in the picture above of St. Mary's Church in Chiddingstone Kent, the triangular shapes in the roofs of the church and the building next to the church. For the above image which … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Triangles

Comparison of HDR Software

Yesterday I processed the above photographed and posted it on this blog.  The image was created using 3 photos and merged into HDR.  Today I thought I would show you comparisons of three different HDR programs I use, Lightroom Merge to HDR, HDR Pro in Photoshop and Aurora 2018. These are the images I used.  … Continue reading Comparison of HDR Software

Knaresborough Viaduct

During our visit to North Yorkshire, one of the places we visited was Nidd Gorge.  As we strolled around the wooded area, at the end of the walk was a bridge that crosses the River Nidd. From this bridge, you can see the Knaresborough Viaduct.  To say I was in awe of this beautiful viaduct … Continue reading Knaresborough Viaduct

Brimham Rocks

On our last full day in North Yorkshire, before heading home the following morning, I put my foot down and said... those famous girlie words 'Retail Therapy'.  Oh, the look of disgust that I had mentioned those words was clearly shown across his face. You know the look... no matter how hard you try to … Continue reading Brimham Rocks

Photo for the Week – 6 – Country roads

Another image I found whilst culling my Lightroom Catalogue, was this image of the country roads taken at HIgh Halstow... I had previously worked on this image to create a golden toned image, which was less saturated It is good to rework an image.. firstly it gives you a chance to use other software and … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 6 – Country roads

Lightroom -v- Photoshop -v- Photomatix for Interior HDR Shots

Now if I can stay within one program to do all my processing.. I am one happy bunny.  Simply because a) my computer is not very good at handling loads of photo-editing programs all at one time and b) it is easier for me and I like the easy life.  However, when it comes to … Continue reading Lightroom -v- Photoshop -v- Photomatix for Interior HDR Shots

Woodland Walks

Over the Gate and into the Distance

    The above photograph is a HDR composite taken at Northward Hill Nature Reserve... it was only a brief stop and this was taken at an off beaten track near the actual farm.  As it was in a dark secluded place, and we didn't bother to use tripods we were lucky that the three … Continue reading Over the Gate and into the Distance

Country Roads… take me home

This photograph was taken by St Margaret's Church in High Halstow, near Rochester, Kent and composed of 6 photos at different exposures. I then merged them in Photomatix and added an autumn tone to the picture, by using a preset in Photomatix and once the photograph was re-imported back to Lightroom I then adjusted the … Continue reading Country Roads… take me home