Before and After Challenge – 1st October 2019

This month's Before and After photo challenge is a panoramic photograph of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, which I stitched together in Photoshop. DOWNLOAD FOR THIS MONTH'S PHOTO To use the image, which is jpeg, download the zip folder and then extract the image contained in the folder. My Edits I did … Continue reading Before and After Challenge – 1st October 2019

A bit of everything with software

Playing around with various bits of software is one of the things I love doing.  Take this image for instance.. photographed at Riverside Marina at Lymington, I loved the image but it was bland. The sky was bland.. there was a post I didn't like and a sign on the wooden board.  So from Lightroom, … Continue reading A bit of everything with software

Boats at Dungeness

On a cold winter's morn, we set out for Dungeness to photograph the boats that sit on the shore. I liked the above image but it was too cluttered for me  What with the black box, little dinghy and the wooden and jump by the little dark blue boat. Lightroom was not going to remove … Continue reading Boats at Dungeness

Palace of Fine Arts – Replacement Sky

Using the free GRFX Studio Serge, I replaced the sky in the above image.  The day we took this photograph, it was grey and dank and the image had a dismal grey sky.  Using the free software in Photoshop, after merging the panoramic shots in Photoshop, I add the very dramatic sky. Once back in … Continue reading Palace of Fine Arts – Replacement Sky

GRFX Studio Serge Serge Ramelli, is one photographer I do follow and I've just downloaded the free software. And boy does it make good of your images. So I thought I would try an image I took with my phone back when I was on holiday in San Francisco. Below is the original image. GRFX Studio Serge … Continue reading GRFX Studio Serge