Color your World: Fern

A photograph of ferns at Great Comp gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent. Posted as Part of Jennifer's Color Your World - Fern Photography Challenge.

Flower of the day – 1st October 2018

Well, today is the 1st October 2018 and I can't believe how fast September has flown by.  We are now officially going into fall and winter here in the UK.  And back in 2016, Mid October, we visited Great Comp gardens and there was this beautiful hydrangea bloom.  And I thought it would be an … Continue reading Flower of the day – 1st October 2018

Flower of the day – 9th August – Hydrangea

One of my favourite flowers, has to be the hydrangea.  And now that my garden is all finished, and when the time is right to plant them, I will be off out and buying a couple of hydrangeas to plant in tubs. So for todays flower of the day hosted by Cee Neuner, it has … Continue reading Flower of the day – 9th August – Hydrangea

Rework of Great Comp Gardens and House

I have to say I am really enjoying myself with Topaz Impresssion and it is a wonderful plugin to add to my Topaz Collection.  Again I feel very humbled that Jodi Robbins of Topaz Labs asked me to do another tutorial for their blog... which you can read here and it is based on using … Continue reading Rework of Great Comp Gardens and House

Santa was sure good

  Well Christmas is over and only the New Year celebrations left to get through before I start getting back to my photography... And boy was Santa a good Santa this year... I did get my soft-box and a new 24mm Pancake Lens and an extension tube for my camera... plus Topaz Impression plug-in. As … Continue reading Santa was sure good


From pink to blue…

On our visit to Great Comp Garden.. within the gardens was these pretty pink flowers... with petals that looked so delicate.  Anyway I processed the photograph in Lightroom and then decided to do another edit.. only this time I lowered the Vibrance, Clarity and Saturation and added a Deep Blue and Gold split tone...  Which in turn … Continue reading From pink to blue…