A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes

  Oh, those puppy eyes... they were filthy... but I couldn't get mad with them... Posted as Part of Nancy's A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes  

A Photo a Week Challenge – Babies

Well, it has to be these two little terrors.  My babies at about 3 months old.  I was quite amazed they sat long enough for their photo... mind you, I think they were gazing at the treat in my mouth. And this is them on their best behaviour, I can assure you that brief spell … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge – Babies

Golden Retriever

Lens-Artists Challenge #61 – Precious Pets

Me and him indoors are dog lovers.. and our home is not complete without a pooch or two.    So for the lens-artists challenge, I thought I would share a couple of images of the terrible twins - Stewie and Dumping. For more information on this challenge or to take part please visit the Lens-Artists … Continue reading Lens-Artists Challenge #61 – Precious Pets

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #49: Favorite Things

Patti has asked for this week's lens-artists challenge to showcase our favourite things.  Well for me one of my favourite things has to be flowers... I love roses... Hydrangeas... Spring flowers... And of course... my dogs, especially when they were innocent naughty little puppies.

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 8

I can't believe we are at the end of November already.  It only seems like yesterday, I was posting last month's challenge.  Anyway for this month's challenge, I thought I would post a photograph of our Stewie watching Dynasties on the TV. Now that boy does like a good wildlife programme especially Sunday nights Countryfile. … Continue reading Fur-baby Friday – FBF 8

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 7

Firstly my apologies for fur-baby Friday being a day late.   Hubby was ill and I was nurse-maid and didn't get a chance to log on.  Well here in the South East it is cold, and I thought I would post a photograph of Bo-Diddley in the snow.  Oh, did that boy love snow!  We … Continue reading Fur-baby Friday – FBF 7

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 6

  For Fur-baby Friday this week.. I was a little stuck.  Then Stewie helped me out.  Well, he did what he's not supposed to do and roll on the wet grass and then came running in and sat like this to show me, what a good boy he is. How to join the challenge If … Continue reading Fur-baby Friday – FBF 6

Fur-baby Friday – FBF 5

For Fur-baby Friday this week.. I would go back to puppy days and the very rare occasions that Stewie and Dumpling would be on their best behaviour ... at the same time. How to join the challenge If you wish to participate in the weekly challenge, please feel free to do…  my weekly post will … Continue reading Fur-baby Friday – FBF 5

Waiting WordPress Photo Challenge

Honestly, that was me yesterday... Waiting to get some peace and an afternoon nap...  You see the day started out with a loose kitchen tap... yes it needed tightening up and I got a phone call from hubby saying, 'If you clear the under-sink cupboard out and find the monobloc spanners, which are in the … Continue reading Waiting WordPress Photo Challenge

Stewie the Golden Retriever

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 12 – Face

This is my first entry into this particular photo challenge.. hosted by 'The Girl That Dreams Awake'.. and the theme for this week is 'Face'.  As I am very wary of putting children's faces on the internet... and I would have loved to share photos of my grand children... but for safety's sake I have opted … Continue reading 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 12 – Face

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Close Ups

This week Cee has asked for submissions to her black and white photo challenge to have a close-ups of various items.  With the object of the exercise to show detail in the subjects....  For my entries to this challenge I am including these photographs.  Out of  all these photographs I am submitting... yes the doggie ones are my … Continue reading Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Close Ups