Wordless Wednesday

A photograph of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent.  Published as part of #Wordless Wednesday.

Photo for the Week – 42 – Windows

First of all, thank you to all those that participated in last Week's challenge, I really loved viewing your Book images.  Some beautiful libraries showcasing beautiful books.  Thank you. The theme for this week is Windows.  My first image is one I took at Bateman House in East Sussex, of this ornate window. I just … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 42 – Windows

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail

The challenge that was set by Patti for the Lens-Artists detail challenge, instantly had me thinking about an image that was taken whilst we visited Canterbury Cathedral.  The detailing in this ceiling is exquisite and so beautiful.  Many thanks to Patti for hosting the challenge.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Worship

The devastation of the fire that ravaged Notre Dame in Paris last week, should be a wake-up call, for all our old Cathedrals, Churches and Historic Places.  Money needs to be invested in restoration to make all these places more fire resistant. The above photograph is of one of the alters at Canterbury Cathedral in … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Worship

Lens-Artists Challenge #14 – Look Through My WINDOW

Lens-Artists Challenge for this weekend is called...'Lock through my window'. And for this challenge, I thought I would use some images, that I've processed over the years with windows in them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!

Canterbury Cathedral

A Photo a Week Challenge: Gilded

Well, I can't believe it is Thursday already and time for Nancy Merrill's Photo a Week.  And the theme for this week is Gilded.   However, this week's challenge was not as brain-raking as the previous weeks have been at times, simply because I remembered that we visited Canterbury Cathedral and I remembered that one … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Gilded

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Look Up

Local to us is Canterbury Cathedral, the mother church of Anglian Communion and the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The ceilings within Canterbury Cathedral are exquisite.  The first photo is of a photograph of the Crossing Dome and the image below is one of the many arched ceilings found within the cathedral. And I … Continue reading Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Look Up

A photo a week – The devil is in the detail

Details are everywhere... no matter where you look. things have detail.  So for Nancy Merrill's Photography Challenge 'The Devil is in the Detail', I thought I would submit two images. My first image is from The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, London, and was photographed when we went to see 42nd Street. And for my … Continue reading A photo a week – The devil is in the detail