Monochrome Madness 221

  My entry for the Monochrome Madness Challenge 221 curated by Leanne Cole. The photograph is of a rose growing within the gardens at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens in Kent.

Flower of the Day -3rd August

My contribution to Flower of the Day hosted by Cee Neuner Colour version of a flower taken at Bateman's House in East Sussex Monochrome version I don't know about you... but my preference is the monochrome version.  Again many thanks to Cee for providing this challenge. xx

Yosemite National Park

I can't believe it is over three years since we went to Yosemite National Park... And boy was we in for a marvellous surprise.  The landscape is beautiful and the River Merced as it flows through Yosemite is purely enchanting. I started out with an image with a few basic Lightroom Adjustments And then processed … Continue reading Yosemite National Park

Rounded WordPress Photo Challenge

Finally I am getting there... I have am catching up with the WordPress Photo Challenges I have missed.. and boy was there a few.  The final topic, which was last week's topic was called Rounded.  Objects which are rounded and have curves within their structure are all around us, whether it be flowers or architecture. … Continue reading Rounded WordPress Photo Challenge

Bridge WordPress Photo Challenge

This week's WordPress Photo Challenge theme is called Bridge.  WordPress ask you to post a photograph of a bridge.  To me, a bridge is something that takes you from one place to another.  Whether it be a void, a river, a road, or a walkway.  And for this week's subject I decided to use a … Continue reading Bridge WordPress Photo Challenge

Atop overlooking the countryside

WPC – Atop – Overlooking the countryside

  Another week and another WordPress photography challenge.  And the theme this week is Atop. The above image is my final image processed in Lightroom.  And for this challenge I used an image taken way back in 2014 at the top of Bodiam Castle overlooking the East Sussex Countryside. As part of the course, as … Continue reading WPC – Atop – Overlooking the countryside

Eltham Palace Moat

The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

  One of the places we love to visit is Eltham Palace Gardens in London.. which is owned and maintained by the English Heritage... The Palace is surrounded by a moat, with two of moat being water and the other two sides being formal gardens... To gain access to the Palace you have to cross … Continue reading The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

Santa was sure good

  Well Christmas is over and only the New Year celebrations left to get through before I start getting back to my photography... And boy was Santa a good Santa this year... I did get my soft-box and a new 24mm Pancake Lens and an extension tube for my camera... plus Topaz Impression plug-in. As … Continue reading Santa was sure good

Stewie the Golden Retriever

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 12 – Face

This is my first entry into this particular photo challenge.. hosted by 'The Girl That Dreams Awake'.. and the theme for this week is 'Face'.  As I am very wary of putting children's faces on the internet... and I would have loved to share photos of my grand children... but for safety's sake I have opted … Continue reading 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 12 – Face

Floral Photography

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: It’s All About Nature

First of all I want to thank Cee for nominating me as one of the featured bloggers of last week's challenge called Rocks.. I am truly humbled. Thank you Cee xx The challenge this week for Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge is called It's all about nature and that cluster of flowers has been sitting … Continue reading Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: It’s All About Nature

Scotney Castle

One Photo Focus – July

It is July's One Photo Focus time and this week I feel very honoured that Stacy has picked a photo I submitted to her.  Thank you Stacy xx And I look forward to seeing all the other edits... So why is it so, so hard at times to become inspirational when you are trying to edit your … Continue reading One Photo Focus – July

Black and White or Colour – Upnor High Street

One place that is close to us is Upnor... and as you stroll down the High Street of Upper Upnor towards Upnor Castle, the road is made out of cobblestones with a pub at the top of the High Street and another pub further down... The High Street, which is a quaint little street, leads directly to … Continue reading Black and White or Colour – Upnor High Street

Monochrome Madness – MM 3-10

  First of all my apologies to Leanne, for posting my photo a week earlier... unfortunately it completely slipped my mind that she was on holiday and wouldn't be holding MM that week.. and of course when I went to schedule my post I didn't add the week.  Sorry Leanne xx Glad you had a … Continue reading Monochrome Madness – MM 3-10

26 Weeks Letter Challenge: ‘M’ – Morris Motor

  Doesn't a week fly by so quickly? It hardly seems seven days since the last 26 Weeks Letter Challenge and the letter for this week is 'M'.  Well the above photograph has four M's in it...  It is a Morris Motor with Mirrors and is coloured Maroon.  I picture four M's..  Once again thank you … Continue reading 26 Weeks Letter Challenge: ‘M’ – Morris Motor

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Close Ups

This week Cee has asked for submissions to her black and white photo challenge to have a close-ups of various items.  With the object of the exercise to show detail in the subjects....  For my entries to this challenge I am including these photographs.  Out of  all these photographs I am submitting... yes the doggie ones are my … Continue reading Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Close Ups


Monochrome Madness 3-8 – Closed Theme

  This week in Monochrome Madness there is a theme, and the theme for this week is 'Closed'.  Why I picked the above photograph was simply because of the look on the horse's face.. he was looking at me as if he was trying to say he is 'closed in'. Many thanks to Leanne Cole … Continue reading Monochrome Madness 3-8 – Closed Theme

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

  During our visit to America last year, we took a coach trip to Yosemite National Park.  On route to the park the coach stopped at a little place called El Portal, where we came across a disused train and railway. For Take 1 of the photograph I wanted to create a softer looking image. … Continue reading Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic