Friendly Friday – Junk… not to me!

A still life image of three bottles and petals Camera: Fujifilm X-T100Lens: XC15-55mm Kit LensF/Number: f/16.0ISO: 200 Focal Distance: 15 mmShutter Speed: 0.8 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC One of the places I love trawling around is charity shops. You can find many useful items at such low cost. I think these bottles were under £2-3, … Continue reading Friendly Friday – Junk… not to me!

Still Life – Monochrome

A photograph of 3 bottles, jug and flowers. Camera Settings Camera: Canon EOS 70DLens: EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-6.6 IS STIMF/Number: f/8.0ISO: 800 Focal Distance: 18mm Shutter Speed: 0.4 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom CC So far my experimenting with Lightroom CC and my Samsung Tab S7 is going great. Now I've created a workflow, things seem easier. What I … Continue reading Still Life – Monochrome

Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework

Yesterday I posted a still-life image of bottles, jug and sticks.  This morning when I looked at my blog... I didn't like the edit as much as I did yesterday. Several things were wrong. The Background Items too far apart The colouring The position of the flowers So today was rework day.  I re-shot the … Continue reading Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework

Still Life – Brown and Creams

Continuing on the colour theme of still-life today's colours are brown and cream, with the obligatory candle to give light. I love the texture of the sticks, string and wooden hearts.  When looking for props for your still-life visit your local charity shop.  They have a variety of bric-a-brac items at reasonable prices.  Those little … Continue reading Still Life – Brown and Creams