Unusual …

Photographed at Bluewater Nature Trail, in Kent. Just love this moorhen and his red beak and unusual feet. Posted as Part of Amanda's Something to Ponder About Photography Challenge.

Fan of # 72…. Nature Trails

Of all the places I go to photograph things, my most favourite place is Nature Trails... I am a firm fan of them. You never know what you are going to find.. whether it be wildlife, floral as well as a scenic landscape. I've only just found the Bluewater Nature Trail and I have to … Continue reading Fan of # 72…. Nature Trails

Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 38 – Mute Swan

Photographed at Bluewater Nature Trail in Kent. For MWM this week, this beautiful mute swan was photographed at Bluewater Nature Trail in Kent. Previous Challenge Entries Thank you to all those that submitted images to MWM - 37 Spotlight on the barbs – Travel with IntentMID-WEEK MONOCHROME – MWM – 37. – caryl beachMid-Week Monochrome … Continue reading Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 38 – Mute Swan

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return

Today, keeping social distancing.. I met up with my little grandson... oh boy have I missed the grandchildren.  Anyway, we met at Bluewater.  Now I've always thought Bluewater was just a shopping centre, but round by the House of Frazer is the Bluewater Nature Trail. And as I was sitting waiting on a bench, I … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return