Ashenbank Woods

Ashenbank Wood is a fantastic place to visit, with so much of interest on offer within the wood and the surrounding area. Its 74 acre (29.95ha) mix of ancient woodland and former wood pasture provides a range of habitats, closed canopy and open areas, veteran trees and notable wildlife species.

The ancient woodland contains mainly broadleaf trees including ash, field maple, hornbeam, oak and sweet chestnut, and is known for its beautiful shows of bluebell and wood anemone during the spring. Huge trees with girths up to six metres dominate the wood pasture which was once managed as parkland as part of the Cobham Hall estate. These open glades are once again maintained by grazing castle, providing a beautiful pastoral scene with lovely views.

The abundance of dead and decaying woods from the 1987 storm supports over 300 species of fungi and provides a home and food source for a range of specialist insects and invertebrates. Rare and threatened wildlife includes the great crested newt, dormouse and Leisler’s bat.

Woodland Trust

Halfpence Lane
Cobham, Kent
DA12 3BH


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