Mid-Week Monochrome

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If you wish to participate in this monthly challenge, please feel free to do…  my post will be published at 11am  on the second Wednesday of every month.  The challenge will be called Mid-Week MonochromeMWM # (# representing the number).

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List of Challenges

Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 21 - On one of our, Sunday drives out, we drove to Reculver on the Isle of Thanet in Kent.  It was cold and it was damp and dismal, and as we strolled along the seas front, I shot the above image with my mobile phone.  On that particular day, mobile phones were the only cameras we […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 20 - Continuing on from the theme of Castles from Monday’s Photo for the Week, for the MWM photo for this week, I have chosen one of my favourite places to visit, Whitstable Castle. Located not far from the harbour the castle is set within gardens on top of a hill.  During the summer the gardens are […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 19 - Things in this house have finally got back to normal.  How long it will last is anyone’s guess… 😀 😀 😀 So I thought I would revive one of my challenges, Mid-Week Monochrome.  There is no theme to this challenge, any image will do (except violence and nudity/porn) as long as it is monochrome. So […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -18 – Landscape – Split-Toning - Firstly, my sincere apologies for PFTM (Photo for the Month) not being done this month, but due to internet problems, and computer problems, I wasn’t able to start posting again until yesterday… and I’ve been playing catchup. So for this month’s challenge MWM, I thought I would use a monochrome image and apply split-toning in […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -17 – Scotney Castle – Stone-Clad Buildings - Firstly my apologies for running late with this month’s Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge, but something came up yesterday and I simply didn’t have time to post this week’s image.  The above image was photographed whilst standing at the rear of the visitor centre at Scotney Castle. So for this month’s challenge, photograph a stone-clad building,  I’m […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -16 – Cathedral – From the Platform - Firstly my apologies for running late with this month’s Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge, but something came up yesterday and I simply didn’t have time to post this week’s image.  The above image was photographed whilst standing on the Platform of Rochester Station, waiting for the train to arrive early in the morning. So for this month’s […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -15 – Flowers - As you may have gathered I love processing floral images as well as Monochrome Photography.  However, some flower images just don’t look right in Monochrome. But I was lucky with this image.  I think due to the simplicity of the flowers, the monochrome effect adds to the charm.
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -14- Low Tide -   For this week’s challenge, I thought I would process another boat image, taken at Hayling Island in Hampshire.  So for the challenge this week, it is anything to do with tides… it could be a photograph of high tide or low tide.  It really doesn’t matter, crashing waves are an excellent choice for depicting […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -13- Dining - On Monday for Photo For The Week Challenge I posted a coloured image of one of the interior rooms at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire.  I also processed it in monochrome and thought it would be a great image for the Monthly Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge.
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -12- On the lake - Back in 2017, we spent a couple of days in the Lake District.  And was the scenery spectacular! With hills and lakes and woodland walks, it was an ideal place to take landscape photographs.  The above photograph is of Lakeside near Keswick.. and I have processed this image in Photoshop to give a painted feel […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -11 – Boats - One of the areas we love to visit is Hampshire and the New Forest…  And on our last trip down that way, we went to Riverside Marina.  From there you can watch the Isle of Wight Ferry and it has a beautiful marina.  So for this month’s mid-week monochrome, I thought I would process an […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -10 – Stately Homes - We are both members of the National Trust.. and one of the places I used to love visiting was Wakehurst Place.  However, they have now decided that car parking at Wakehurst would become hugely expensive with extortionate prices.  So we don’t visit there anymore. National Trust Members – Cars: £2 for the first hour, £5 […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 9 – Halloween - This week I thought I would process a couple of images representing Halloween.. as Mid-Week Monochrome this week falls on Halloween.
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 8 – On the Mudflats at Leigh-on-Sea - It is Mid-Week Monochrome once again and a big thank you to all those that entered last week. For this week’s Mid-Week Monochrome I thought I would do a monochrome image of the mudflats at Leigh-on-sea.   This photograph was taken when the tide of the River Thames was out.
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 7 – Men at Work -   This week I thought I would process an image taken at Upnor Castle of the waxworks that are on display, showing men moving barrels.  Upnor castle is local to us and one of the places that is steeped in history and played a vital role in protecting the River Medway from invaders.  
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 6 – Whitstable Castle - I have been to Whitstable many times… to stroll along the beach, have coffee in the little cafe or just to visit the market that is sometimes on.  But it wasn’t until 2013 that I read a road sign leading to Whitstable Castle.  I knew it was a fishing town but I never knew it […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 5 – Windsor Castle - There is nothing like a summer’s day to visit Windsor Castle.  And for this week’s MWM I thought I process a photograph of the front of Windsor Castle.  On the day we visited it was Changing of the Guard and the Guard are marched in by the band into the entrance between the two-turrets in […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM 4 - It is time for Mid-Week Monochrome again, and this time for my submission I thought I would post a monochrome photo of Smallhythe Place in Tenterden, Kent.  The processing of this photograph was done in ON1 Raw 2018.5 and consisted of creating a Black and White aged Preset.  I then added a border and a […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM 3 - It is time for Mid-Week Monochrome again, and this time for my submission I thought I would post a monochrome photo of an owl which was photographed at Jamb’s Owls at Hall Place, Bexley in Kent.  If you would like to join this challenge just follow the instructions below. How to join the challenge If […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM 2 - It is time for Mid-Week Monochrome again and I thought I would process another image we took way back in 2012 when we first started on our photography challenge.  It is a photograph of the main house at Bateman’s House which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  And of course, it was the […]
Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM 1 - One of the challenges that I used to love reading was Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness… however, it is with great sadness that at the present time Leanne will no longer be running this challenge for the foreseeable future.  I know I only submitted entries now and again.. but I loved looking at other people’s photos, […]