Going forward…

Back in July 2018, I set myself a challenge, to make a post every day for a year well, that one year turned into two... so in July I decided to take a well-earned break. Blogging got me through the lockdown.. but I found I was spending more hours on a computer than I really … Continue reading Going forward…

Multiple Adjustments – My Quick Way of Doing things. Fan of….#65

Take the above image for instance... say I wanted to change the tone of the steps.  Yes, I could use the local adjustment brush tool.. but one way I've found that is very easy is this. Set all your sliders to 0.  Put a graduated filter outside of the image in Lightroom Next, change the … Continue reading Multiple Adjustments – My Quick Way of Doing things. Fan of….#65

Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

One of my readers asked how I get depth into my images.  Well, a lot of it is done by dodging and burning.  And the tool I use is the radial filter. TiongHan Hi Bren, one day I hope you can explain to me how you get that incredible depth in your photos… Mine feel … Continue reading Scotney Castle – Adding Depth

Adding Artificial Light

We all can't get up at the crack of dawn or wait to photograph a subject when the light is perfect.  Like us, we have day trips out... as work commitments stop us from doing photography shoots as and when we choose.   So naturally, the light at times is never right. However, you can … Continue reading Adding Artificial Light

Adding Texture

Whilst shooting my latest still-life I decided to remove the crate and add a black backdrop. By using a black backdrop... in Photoshop via the Magic Wand tool I was able to add textures, whilst masking out the black section so that the main texture affected just the black background. I then added a hue … Continue reading Adding Texture

Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Lightroom Added Lens Correction and Remove Chromatic Abberation. Used the Transform Tool set to Auto and cropped the image. Sent to Photoshop. Photoshop Duplicated Layer On duplicate Layer added Motion Blur set to Angle -90 and Distance 166 Created Layer mask to remove some of the blur from the path. Added a Posterize Adjustment Layer … Continue reading Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Amazing Clouds by Matt Kloskowski

One photographer who I do follow is Matt Kloskowski on Youtube. Tonight I watched one of his videos about making clouds more amazing in Photoshop. And just like his other videos, I found it a great benefit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5EIk3GwHqw So I thought I would try it out on an image I did for Wordless Wednesday.  And … Continue reading Amazing Clouds by Matt Kloskowski

Processing an image – My Way.

First and foremost I use Lightroom for as much of the editing as I can.  Very rarely do I go to Photoshop to process an image.. unless I want to create something that can't be achieved in Lightroom. So how do I process my image? Develop Module in Lightroom Lightroom now gives you the ability … Continue reading Processing an image – My Way.

Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

One of the things I love about Topaz Studio is the ability to combine presets.  By combining various presets together it gives you a vast variety of options when editing images. My original image of Penshurst Place was first of all given a couple of tweaks in Lightroom, mainly cropping, spot removal, and auto transforming … Continue reading Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

Flower of the Day – 5th November 2018 – How to achieve softness

For my entry today into Cee's Flower of the Day, I thought I would use this apricot rose, which was photographed at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens in Kent. How to achieve the softness On a post I made called, Finding my Passion in Floral Photography, one of my readers posted the comment below. Feministka November 5, … Continue reading Flower of the Day – 5th November 2018 – How to achieve softness

Content aware fill

One of the new powerful features in Photoshop is the Content-Aware Fill tool.  In this video, Julianne Kost explains its concept and what it can do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiwqOAPE0kk I wanted to take the content-aware tool a little further. As you can see from the image below, the waterfall is practically dead-centre and I wanted it more … Continue reading Content aware fill

Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge

One new feature of the new Lightroom Classic October update is the ability to merge HDR shots into a Panoramic.  Prior to this update to create a panoramic HDR you had to merge each of your HDR shots into one HDR image.. then you had to take each those merged shots to create your panoramic. … Continue reading Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge

Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Crop Tool

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asy-bMharpU Well today's tip isn't a 60 second one but about 8.50 minutes, but the bit that I found interesting was within the first 30 seconds.. about leaving space when taking photograhs in order to get a more pleasing crop in Lightroom.  Laura talks about the Crop Tool in Lightroom as well as no-no's about … Continue reading Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Crop Tool

Luminosity colouring in Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

Today I was reading a blog post by Matt Kloskowski on luminosity colouring in Photoshop.  Anyway here is the video from Matt explaining how it is done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs1iAzHgazQ So for my example I used the image below. By using the Colour Range tool I selected certain elements of the image and followed the instructions by … Continue reading Luminosity colouring in Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

Tutorial – Exporting to WordPress directly from Lightroom

Now I am all for saving time... and if I can upload images to Social Media and my blog without having to first save the image on my computer ... all the better.  Now to be able to publish directly to WordPress from Lightroom you must have a WordPress.com account and of course a blog.  … Continue reading Tutorial – Exporting to WordPress directly from Lightroom

Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Selections

It is Friday again... and another weekend is just around the corner.  And we all know that Friday is Quick Tip Day from RyanPhotography!  I am primarily a Lightroom user and one of the tutors of Lightroom and Photoshop that I honestly think is one of the best of the best is Matt Kloskowski.  You … Continue reading Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Selections

Photoshop – Layer Blending Modes

One of the things that frightened the death out of me in Photoshop was blending modes... and how to use them... For ages I couldn't get to grips with what they did until I read this blog post called Photoshop Blend Modes Explained, which gives a very detailed look into blending modes... As you can … Continue reading Photoshop – Layer Blending Modes

Bland sky… Use Topaz Texture Effects 2..

Then no worries.. just use a texture Do you have a photograph, with excellent fall colours, or stunning architecture but the sky lets you down?  Well no fear.. by using Topaz Texture Effects 2 you can give your sky the boost it needs... to take it from a bland boring sky.. to a sky with … Continue reading Bland sky… Use Topaz Texture Effects 2..