Thatched Hut

Photographed at Rosemoor Gardens in Devon. I don't know what it is but there is something in that thatched hut that I like. Whether it is the picket fence around the hut, or the mixture of building materials, straw, brick, wood and plaster I not sure. But I like it xx And by taking a … Continue reading Thatched Hut

Photo for the Week 72 – Vacation

Thank you for all your entries for the Dusk Photo for the Week Photography Challenge. First of all my sincere apologies... for lack of challenges. I lost my inspiration a bit and was fed up with how this world was turning into them and us... and add in the fact of restrictions due to Covid-19 … Continue reading Photo for the Week 72 – Vacation

Leeds Castle

Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 36 – Leeds Castle

For MWM this week, I have used an image I took at Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent. Last Challenge Entries Thank you to all those that submitted images to MWM - 35 Setting priorities – Travel with Intent Mid-Week Monochrome • MWM #35 • Cadaquès Casino • TiongHan's blog Setting Priorities - Travel with Intent … Continue reading Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 36 – Leeds Castle

Beating the Lockdown Blues

Today for our daily exercise we took a stroll around the lakes.  However, it's taking its toll on my hip.  Ended up coming home and looking at mobility scooters.  😀 😀 😀   I can't see my hip being operated on for the next 2 years... so now to turn to another means of transport … Continue reading Beating the Lockdown Blues

Throwback Thursday – Llandudno Pier

Posted as part of #throwbackthursday   Wanna Join In On this Thursday Challenge… It’s simple, create a post using Throwback Thursday and use the TBT and Throwback Thursday tags.  Pingbacks are enabled, however, if you have trouble creating a pingback simply paste the link to your post in the comments section below.  Happy Throwback Thursday … Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Llandudno Pier

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #92: Going Back – the Second Time Around

There are a few places I can go time and time again.  Whatever the season, whatever the weather there is always something new to explore.  Below is just three of my favourite places where I can go back time and time again. Ashenbank Woods in Kent Scotney Castle in Kent Sheffield Park Gardens in East … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #92: Going Back – the Second Time Around

Photo for the Week – 63 – Green – WWE #23

I hope everyone is OK and keeping safe in these worrying times. Thank you for your submissions for the last challenge called - Leading.  WOW, such beautiful images depicting open.    Thank you all.  This week the topic is called Green. So for my entry, to this week's challenge, I've used a photograph we took … Continue reading Photo for the Week – 63 – Green – WWE #23