Flower of the day – 26th April 2023

Trio of Dahlias

Way back in October we took a trip to Nymans in West Sussex and as we strolled through the gardens, we came across a selection of dahlias in full bloom.

A photograph of a dahlia and two buds photographed at Nymans in West Sussex

Memories came flooding back to me, of my dad tending the dahlias he was growing in the garden. I too love dahlias… but the only thing I don’t like is the earwigs that they attract.

There’s something about dahlias that captures my heart every time I see them. Perhaps it’s their bold and showy nature, or maybe it’s the memories they evoke of my dad’s garden. Either way, they are truly a sight to behold.

Today’s flower of the day is a trio of dahlias that are blooming beautifully at Nymans. These stunning flowers boast vibrant shades of pink and white and their petals are elegantly arranged in layers, creating a captivating effect.

Despite their beauty, dahlias do have a downside – they attract earwigs. These pesky insects often make their homes in the tight spaces within the petals, making them a nuisance to gardeners who want to enjoy their flowers without dealing with unwelcome visitors. Despite this, I’ll continue to admire dahlias because their beauty is worth the extra effort.

If you’re thinking about growing dahlias, keep in mind that they prefer well-draining soil and lots of sunshine. They also benefit from regular deadheading to encourage more blooms. With a little care and attention, you too can enjoy the stunning sight of dahlias blooming in your garden.

Until tomorrow and our next Flower of the Day… have a great day everyone.

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8 responses to “Flower of the day – 26th April 2023”

      1. You’re welcome

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  1. Your dahlia photo is gorgeous 😀

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    1. Thank you Cee xx

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  3. Beautiful! I just added some to my container garden. They remind me of the pride my Grandfather enjoyed with his love of Dahlias. Great memories! 💕✨

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