Flower of the Day – 24th April 2023

‘In ancient mythology the Camellia symbolises love and devotion.’

A photograph of a red Camellia flower photographed at Broadview Gardens, Hadlow in Kent.

The camellia is another of my favourite flowers, and at Broadview Gardens, near Hadlow Kent, stood this beautiful Cameillia shrub and an ideal specimen for Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.

The gardeners must have put in so much effort to keep it healthy and stunning because it was truly a sight to behold. From its dark green, glossy leaves to the perfectly formed pinkish red blooms with contrasting yellow stamens, this camellia was a showstopper. Its petals were so delicate and soft under the gentle Spring sun, they seemed to be inviting me to touch them. The scent wasn’t particularly strong, but it was pleasant enough to draw me in closer. As I stood there, admiring the beauty of the flower, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for nature’s wonders. It’s amazing how such a tiny part of creation can make us feel so much joy and peace. If you ever find yourself in Kent during the Spring season, don’t forget to stop by Broadview Gardens to see this camellia and many other breathtaking blooms.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Flower of the Day….


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