Flower of the day – 7th March 2023

As we strolled around the gardens of Hole Park in Rolvenden, Kent, we stumbled across this cluster of beautiful tulips, standing tall, highlighting their burnt orange colour.

A photography of a burnt orange tulip photographed at Hole Park in Kent.

It was sure to be a favourite of the visitors that day. These tulips are the flower of the day, especially as we are approaching Spring.

Nothing quite like the start of spring and its blooms to lift our spirits and bring joy as the days become brighter, longer and more colorful. We hope this picture may brighten your day and bring you some of that warmth for the days ahead.

Happy Spring everyone! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

Posted as part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.


16 responses to “Flower of the day – 7th March 2023”

  1. Lovely. Our tulips are still tightly budded, so it’s good to see this lovely evolved specimen.

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    1. My hubby loves tulips too xx

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      1. I never used to – I thought they were boring, I’ve learnt better now.

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        1. I would love to visit the Dutch fields xx


          1. Ah, that – no. I’d hate to see serried ranks, field after field.

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  2. The flower in your photo has beautiful lighting. It expresses the coming of new life in the midst of the snowy cold days of March in the Far North!

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    1. Thank you xx. It’s a snow day here in the south xx

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      1. Enjoy the snow. It is unusually warm here in the Far North close to the Arctic Circle. 40 F and the snow is melting. Not long ago it was -29 F. Our snow has been on the ground since September.

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        1. Compared to those conditions, we have a dusting of snow🤣🤣🤣

          I love newly fallen snow… but when it turns mushy and black..that’s when I think snow can be an eyesore.

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          1. Around here it is pristine white from September to sometime in May. Breakup, however, is ugly. Until today, we had gotten snow every day. ☃️😊♥️

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          2. Ours doesn’t like to stay pristine… it just goes mushy. I love the sound of the crunch of snow under your feet!

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          3. It is wonderful to hear the crunch!

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  3. Yes, your post and gorgeous tulip photo does brighten and uplift this day. 🤗💕✨

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    1. Thanks.. we need a little brightening up

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  4. Wow!
    Looks so wonderfully amazing 🙂

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